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Shadow Wolf Cyberzine

Back Issues of Legowelt’s ‘Shadow Wolf Cyberzine’ Internet’s No.1 lifestyle opinion glossy for the modern Cyberpunk Electronic Music afficinado . Originally an e-zine in classic ASCII BBS txt haxor style, from Issue 11 onwards it comes out on paper.  Released yearly around Christmas with some special issues at other times.

In 2023 I decided to release the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine in paper zine format, so from Issue 11 on it will be on paper, available at the Legowelt bandcamp or ask for it at shows and sometimes recordstores have some copies etc.

Issue 11 Released December 2023

First paper version! Some hightlighhts:  2 comic stories “Wombald & Slorpy go to Berlin” and “Wombald and Slorpy go Modular”, Vegetable audio processing, A board game based on the computer game from the Nightwind 019 Loch Ness soundtrack, The diary of a Tech House producer part II, How to make healing cat purr music, DJ Horoscope, Rhythm patterns for your drumcomputer, music studio tips, Memphis Rap gear and lots lots more! 



Issue 10 Released December 2021

Interviews with Japanese dub artist Mystica Tribe, gothwave star Alina Valentina,  Canadian snowwaver Alan Harman, Hot studio tips, Build your own electronic xylophone, Backstage drama, Demo scene report Boozedrome and much much more.

Read here

Issue 9 Released December 2020

Ron Morelli interviews David Foster aka Huren, a DJ Psychology TEST, A Scene in SHOCK: DJs in 2020, a bunch of D.I.Y articles,  PPU records, Gino’s Psychedelic trip guidee, lots of ASCII ART, diary from a techhouse producer, Studio tips, experimental archeology with a calculator and lots lots more!!! 

Read it here

Issue 8 released December 2019

With Franzsika Lantz, the Ivorian industrial ambient nosie label Nostalgie de la Boue, Guerilla Gardening, Unconventional Modular Modules, Confessions from Club Promoters, The Origins of ACIDHALL (including free ACIDHALL compilation), Gabber Tales From The Lowlands and lots more!!!
Read it here

Issue 7 released December 2018

with lots of interviews with cool artists like Michele Mercure, Surf Nazis Must Die soundtrack composer John McCallum, WEME records boss Frederic Mergam, Studiotips with Shawn Rudiman, Terry Riley’s LIFESPAN soundtrack, Peter Slaghuis’ DISCO BREAKS II – lots of DIY hacks like turning any cassetterecorder into a infinite multitrack recorder, how to build a field recording dome, Video Advice, music tips, the return of U-TRAX records and lots more!!! check it out here

Issue VI released February 2018


A special issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine. Number 6 – most of it was made in one Saturday afternoon – on the 10th of February 2018 – at a Shadow Wolf cyberzine workshop seminar in the WORM institute for avant garde media in Rotterdam.  Around 20 participants were introduced in Cyberzine culture and ASCII art and embarked on making their own content for the zine.  Some subjects that the participants wrote about:  Diabolo in Musica – David Vunk’s International Mayonaise review – MS20 Tinitus sound therapy  – The other parallel internet that time forgot – Animistic Belief’s secret family noodle recipe – OPAMPS The building blocks of Synthesizers – Wondrous Worms and lots more!
Read it here

Issue V released December 2017


Shadow Wolf interviews Inter-dimensional music pioneer Iasos, Alexander Robotnick, ASCII Synthesizer Quiz, Guides to binaural music production, overtones in synthesis, lucid dreaming, Ethiopian scales, psychedelic garlic chocolate focaccia, ASCII Ski Simulator and lots more!!! Read it here

Issue IV released December 2016



Extra BIG issue: Shadowwolf interviews pioneer electro producer Man Parrish,  Techno producer Voiski and his virus friends, Cybotron’s Alleys of Your Mind, Tips for touring producers and DJ’s, Baz Reznik Sci-Fi Story, Techno Fashion tips, Build your Lazer oscilloscope projecter and lots lots more!!! Check it out here

Issue III released December 2015



Shadow Wolf interviews DJ Overdose, how to start your local synthesizer club, Smackos Tape Station user guide and lots more!

check it out here

Issue II released December 2014



Shadowwolf interviews Rotterdam’s Modular Synthesizer don Monopoly, ball lightning theories, psychoactive properties of garlic and lots more! – Now in Color!!! Check it out here

Issue I released 2014



The very 1st Issue. Shadowwolf interviews cult The Hague electronic music producer PHOCHOS, Memphis Rap corner and lots more!

read it here





ALPENMARMOT – Unheimliche Landschaftsgestaltung (translates as ‘eerie landscaping’ ) is my new power electronics industrial acid ambient noise project. Recorded at 1500 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Wildhorn mountain in Switzerland. Unfussy sewer-synths mixed with field recordings of the local Alpine nature and infrastructure. We hear mangled rusty cable cars, crumbling mountains, unknown nocturnal creatures and ofcourse the ever so cute Alpen Marmot.

Available on cassettetape and digital on bandcamp

Comes with the new PAPER ISSUE 11 of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE !!! (yes
the Shadow Wolf cyberzine is now a paper ZINE and has lots of new stuff like comics etc, I will make another post about that soon)

ALSO there is a white screen printed ALPENMARMOT sweater available too, which of course will make you look absolutely amazing in any occasion and makes a great Xmas present too. This time I got more L, XL and XXL sizes in stock 🙂

These sweaters are available in two bundles:
Sweater + Tape + Zine (and postcards)
Sweater + Zone (and postcards)

AND also available the original artwork painting of the album, as well as a smaller earlier version of the design. These come with the tape and zine.

Go check it out at the Legowelt bandcamp merch section 🙂


12 November 2021
Shadow Wolf Cyberzine на русском языке
Недавно SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE ISSUE #8 был переведен на русский язык l33t HaXor п3р3B0д4ик0м. Helena – спасибо вам большое за работу! Читайте здесь 🙂

3 October 2021


I am slowly putting toghether a new Issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE! If you have any letters, hatemail, studiotips, poems, ramblings, ideas or stuff you think would be cool for the zine please send it to: shadowwolfeditor // AT //

30 November

Coming this December

Coming around Xmass -> ISSUE V of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE – more illicit mindcrime for the modern CyBeRpuNk – You can still send in articles, studio tips, poems, D.I.Y guides, reviews of whatever, short stories, weird tales etc.etc.etc.- maybe I publish them in the new issue…please send to     shadowcyberzine   //A//T// – Entry date closes at 10 December.