Next gigs: 10 August LIEGO FESTIVAL Estonia Legowelt + Orchestra Ballet performance ****** 11 `August Houghton Festival Norfolk England for more gigs check out the agenda section !!! ************* Ok thats it for today :) laterzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!! ******************************************

23 July 2024

Remix for Martin Matiske

OUT NOW Martin Matiske – ‘Moments’ EP with a Legowelt remix.
Available at bandcamp and any good recordstore.


I will be playing the Houghton festival in Norfolk England on 11 August…a lot of cool artists playing like: MODEL 500 – MOODYMANN – RICARDO VILLALOBOS – ACTRESS – MAD MIRAN – SOICHI TERADA – SURGEON –  ANTHONY ROTHER – ANIMISTIC BELIEFS – CONVEXTION E.R.P – ABA SHANTI-I – HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY – MARIE DAVIDSON – SERGE – WES BAGGALEY – SHANTI CELESTE and many many more!!!
Fore complete line up and info check here

30 June 2024

New Painting

Well its not new, from 2023 but I thought I put it here anyways this one is called ‘Garage Sale in New England Sunset’ for other paintings check the art gallery seciton on this website

Out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Four hot hymns to survive the dystopian circus of today’s techno scene, listen to the snippets below:

“Do You Know Who You Never Be”

“Ruins of Cracktopolis”

“In a Trance Dance All Night”

“Like Twin Peaks”

Get it at these recordstores or any good store in your neighbourhood:

3345 (THE HAGUE)


Saturday 22 June 2024

DX7 Painting & Magic Patches Car

A new painting of a Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer in an abandoned backyard and also a whole bank of Legowelt programmed DX7 patches (“the Legowelt magic DX7 cart”) to load into your DX7 or compatible synth/vst 🙂 Lots of dreamy and archaic dark ambient pads. Download here (4kb .SYX file on wetransfer )

If you don’t have a DX7 but have a DAW you can use the wonderful free open source DEXED DX7 vst that emulates (and edits) a real DX7 quite comfortably. Get DEXED here 

There are many other DX7 FM vsts and modern FM hardware synths that are
compatible with these patches, check if it can read original DX7 sysex and you will be able to use these.

A few sound demos /tracks made with these sounds some multitracked some with some extra FX reverb and delay

8 June 2024


For the first time I will be composing music for a ballet performance with 30 dancers and the Horn brass collective on 10 august at the Leigo lake Festival in Estonia.

On an evening in August at the lake Leigo in Estonia, you can see a contemporary ballet with original music, installations, pyrotechnics and lights created through the collaboration of director Teet Kase, neuroscientist Jaan Aru, Composers Timo Steiner, Sander Mölder and Legowelt. 

More information here


Monday 27 may 2024

Le Sucre Lyon & Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

Heyyyyyy two Legowelt gigs this coming weekend:

Friday 31st of May Le Sucre LYON tickets and info here


1st of June BARCELONA PRIMAVERA sound festival! More info here!!!

wooooooooooo let’s gooooooo 🙂


10 May 2024

Deep Ambient listening session at KODA Schiedam Holland

sunday May 19th 16:00 – 22:00

Hidden in the monumental Soda Factory (Sodafabriek) in Schiedam, a tiny listening space is waiting to be discovered. Measuring less than 30 square meters, KODA is the perfect place for super intimate listening experiences. This is the place where DJ’s showcase the depths of their vinyl collections, musicians present their new releases to fans and music lovers meet and share their love for music. The room is fitted with a vintage Klipsch soundsystem to provide a great listening experience.

i will play some improvisational synth stuff on a Sequential Take 5, Wasp, yamaha DX, Microstation and FX.

tIckets here   SOLD OUT

8 May 2024


The cult Intergalactic FM festival returns to THE HAGUE this weekend at the PIP club. More then 100 artists playing. From Thursday 9 May to Sunday 12 May.

Tickets and more info here