Next gigs: 10 August LIEGO FESTIVAL Estonia Legowelt + Orchestra Ballet performance ****** 11 `August Houghton Festival Norfolk England for more gigs check out the agenda section !!! ************* Ok thats it for today :) laterzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!! ******************************************


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See Legowelt perform in…

10 August
presentation of Legowelt Ballet at the LEIGO Festival Estonia

11 August HOUGHTON Festival Norfolk England

20 September Sala Vilanos Madrid Spain

12  October La Cheetah Glasgow Scotland

13 October Document Machina Bristronica Bristol England

17 – 18 October new CLONE ALBUM presentation ADE Amsterdam Holland

19 October HEAT ADE LIES Amsterdam Holland

20 October Contact Italo Moderni ADE Amsterdam Holland

8 November Les Enfants Brilliants Barcelona Spain

15 November Het Bos Antwerp Belgium

30 November Amalia Milano Italy




5 January Standard Time Toronto Canada

6 January GOOD ROOM Brooklyn New York USA

13 January IBOAT Bordeaux  France

2 February House of Music Budapest Hungary Hungary

9 February GRAUZONE festival PAARD The Hague Holland

11 February GRAUZONE festival screening of my
Ambient Trip Commander animation film with live soundtrack
The Hague Holland

16 March MOT London England

31 March Salon des Amateurs Dusseldorf Germany

13 April Utrecht KABUL a gogo Opening Weekend Holland

20 april London EarTH England

30 April OIL Club Shenzhen China

1 May Shanghai SYSTEM Shanghai China

2 May Zhao Dai Being China

10-11 May IFM Festivall The Hague PIP Holland

19 May KODA Schiedam Holland

25 May Warsaw Smolna Poland

31 May Le Sucre LYON France

1 June Primavera Festival Barcelona Spain

5 July KAPPA FUTUR Festival Turin Italy