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15 December 2020

Legowelt Drum Wizardry Sample Pack 

A little winter holiday present for all musicians/producers/hobbyists both amateur and professional alike:

325 unique 16 bit wav one shot drum samples from the Legowelt studio archive all free for you to use in your sampler, DAW or whatever you use. Use them in your Fruityloops, Ableton, Octamed, Reaper, MPC, Electribe, Elektron Rhythm/Octatrack, SP1200 etc.etc.etc.

No worn out clean soggy overused boring clinical TR techno whatever drum machine samples but all new fresh unique processed layered synthesized FX’d drum sounds with extra crispy lo-fi crunch & punch!!!  More then 100 basedrums, 100 snaredrums, 35 claps, hihats and 75 synth percussion FX sounds.

Created over the years with various samplers & sources like the Amiga 1200, EMU EMAX II, Soundblaster, AKAI S900, S612, Prophet2000, CHEETAH SX16,  EMU Emulator II and lots more. Sampled with all the buzz,digital artefacts and xtreme noisefloor to add that magic dust to your tracks.

The samples are free to download and use! If you use the samples you can always donate some $$$ on my paypal for good karma and extra magic blessing for your productions – or instead you can buy some music from my bandcamp page.  Download the sample pack here! (50 Megabytezzz)

If you share the link of this sample pack please use this link (because the wetransfer link is changed all the time): http://legowelt.org/drumwizardrysamplepack/ 

Have fun, keep on hanging in there and happy holidays!