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Art competition 2021 entries part 2

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Leo 9 years old from Jaffa, Israel


Julia Kippers


“The Sword Legged Flower” by Bente Wilms more art here


Girl (on Acid) in Digital Dimension by Leonardo from Italy


Iben, 8 years old from Stockholm, Sweden


Lotte van der Meer


Liudmila Blok from Moscow, Russia


“Intergalactic Space Services ” by Jendrossek Sip


Michelle, Bucks County Pensylvania, USA


“Safe for Work” by Bernadeta Rimutyte

“Awake” by Patricia Ramos Rocha



Ben from Australia


“CONQUISTADOR EXTRATERRESTRE” by Daniel Quijano Dharma from Bogota Colombia 



‘Take a Pilgramage’ by Leon


Tom S Weltzmann from Kassel, Germany


“Ahead on the Way” by Sara Escribano


“S p i r i t u a l e y e s” by Shane Olson


“Shantaly Jak Templede Solby” by VeXaTioN from Mexico City, Mexico


Cool Fresh painting by Slimebubble from Brooklyn, New York, USA


Ben Porygonal


Alex Urquia from Brooklyn, New York, USA


Flor San from Santiago de Chile


‘Acrylic on Canvas’ by Angela Mierzwa


Anton Colleman


“Aquatic Body Crossings” by Ivo Lamas from Brazil


Bryan Miller from Portland, Oregon USA


Carmen Ladenstein, Netherlands


“Long Places” from Ricardo Samaniego Mendoza from Mexico


“DiscoWelt” analog collage on vinyl record by Vanessa Vargas from Los Angeles California USA check out @goldenbadgerclaw for more art


“Displace 60” By Frances Levitin


Egido Val from Spain


Nelly, made on Ipad, 13 years old



“ExperientialAwakening REDUX Spacewolf edition” by Kit Braybrooke from London, England


Saishu-Bi by Filip Mobach


“Music” by Annabel, 9 years old from The Hague, The Netherlands


“Universe” by Sanderijn, 11 years old from The Hague, The Netherlands


“Wolf Pipe Organ – The Canine Mouthpiece” by Agnès from Montreal, Canada


Jake Brew from New Zealand


Portada 8 by Augustin Casas


Graffiti on train, by Tidy Russia


“Circuit Sketches” by Jan Zangerl


“Synth City” by Fabio Santos


“The Boat to Legowelt” sculpture by Jean-Philippe Goo


“The Prisoner” by Mickaël Halley



“Radiant City” by Frederique Jonker


“Posterboy” by Klaus Huber from Hamburg, Germany




MADKITTYBOT & D A C (Donut-addicted Cop) Tille Vandeputte 9 years old From Antwerp, Belgium (I love comics & my volca beats)


“The Woods Are Always Burning” by Joke van den Heuvel, Antwerp, Belgium


“A Vampire Arrives West” by Matt and the Jays


Max Cedro


“Beyond the Mind of Man” by Paul Pfleger from Graz Austria



Bright Lob, Big Alley by Polly Moneaux


Sophie Voogd


Space Box


Michaël Brijbach


Shanon McCarthy from Cork, Ireland


Franz Wilhelm


Javier Rojas from Santiago de Chile, Chile




‘Pieces of the Void’ by Adam KisGyurtsik


Ben Mollins from Miami, Florida, USA



“Croissant with Stravinsky” By Menno van der Leden



“Warprave” by Niklas Pheelia Prütz


19kb Pixelart by Oliver Mitchell


Jacob Fowler from Dallas, Texas, USA


“Legowelt Color” by Luis Santo


Layss Cordova

“Plastic in Canal” Nao Katafuchi, Germany



K L Anusha, 12 years old from India


“Long Delay Echo aka opointkpoint”  graffiti on concrete ruin by Otto aka O K 


“Mysterious Sentient Orbs Observe Speaker Blow-Out” – By Vex Lexa from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada


Ville Horkonen from Helsinki, Finland


Viviana Arrigoni from Rome, Italy


Andreas Koch


Patrick Oonk, France


“pancakes with Mist” Ari Alpert from Turkey

Lockdown 2020 by Richie from Germany


Ross Cloney from Atascadero, California USA


Titus Hope from the the UK


“Den Haag” by Michkael Giraud


SHadow Wolf Cyberzine animated Gif by Pixi x Pixelflowers


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