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The Polyend Tracker is a full self contained hardware tracker sampler sequencer with MIDI from Poland. If you are not familiar with Trackers, they were software sequencers back in the 1990s on computers like the Commodore AMIGA and PC in which you can sequence samples on 4 to 8 channels. The most famous of these were OCTAMED and PROTRACKER, These trackers gave an unique groove and sound and played a vital role in the development and creation of certain music styles (Like oldschool Jungle, Gabber and Bunker sewertechno and electro for example).  This Polyend tracker can read .mod files and import & export wav. audio via SD cards and has lots of other bells and whistles! You can sequence MIDI and you can set everything to 12 or even 8 bit for extra crunchyness and punch! Also inlcuded are filters, wavetable & granular synthesis, an FM radio(!) . And it’s also super easy to use & FAST, especially if you are familiar with trackers, like me I didn’t even had to read the manual 😉

This special edition comes with an unique faceplate designed by myself. Also inside there are 5000+ sounds from my sample archive (1000+ new fresh specially designed ones for this tracker!), 26 project files with finished songs you can play and study, including preset loaded drumkits so you can jammmm instantly.

The Polyend tracker Legowelt version came in a limited edition of 300 pieces,
Also included was an LP  with some of my tracks made on the Polyend tracker.