Welcome to legowelt.org - a free haven for all freaks - floating around in a bubble of cyberspace minding its own business since 1998 ***** Back in Holland thank you to all the wonderful creatures at the @sustain_release festival and the @TheBunkerNY New York I had lots of fun!!! ***** Still something very very exciting-> The Swiss Museum and centre for Electronic Instruments in Fribourg - the largest collection of synths, drummachines, fx, organs numbering around 5000 is doing a kickstarter to raise money for a Playroom so everyone can play with the instruments - to support this project I will be doing an exclusive vinyl album recorded there - the only way to get your hands on this album is by participating with the kickstarter it will not be availabe in any shops - still 12 days to go before the kickstarter ends ! ****OUT NOW ---> Legowelt OMNIBUS BABYLON EP on Clone Records - check it out below!!! ********** Also out now ---> a 2xvinyl LP re-issue of my 2015 RISING SUN - OBERHEIM SPACE album on the Australian ambient SOLANDER records label****** The Agenda section has been updated -> Some upcoming gigs -> 21st of September I play in The Hague at the opening of the Todays Art Festival at the Grote Markt in the Volharding building and the 22nd of September I am in Barcelona to play at the NITSA club with DJ TLR -> Later this year I will be doing an Asia tour playing in China, Japan and Korea - more info about that soon! *************** Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzz !!!!!! ********

20 September

The Hague & Barcelona This Weekend

This Friday 21st of September I will DJ at the Todays Art Festival opnening in the Volharding Building The Hague from 9.30 till 11.00 with Ian Martin & Legs On Fire and more! Saturday I travel to Barcelona to play at the NITSA club with DJ TLR & more! Info and tickets here

14 september 2018

Legowelt in Brooklyn & Upstate New York

Friday 14th September at Elsewhere Brooklyn with DJ Nobu Anastasia Kristensen Mike Servito and more! – tickets and info here.

Saturday 15th September at the Sustain Release festival in Upstate New York with Dj Stingray, Nobu, Josey Rebelle, Courtesy, Eris Drew and lots more!!!! more info here 

10 September 2018

Rising Sun Systems – Oberheim Space 2xLP Out Now!!!

Available as we speak – a double LP vinyl re-issue of the 2015 Rising Sun Systems – Oberheim Space album! Re-issued on vinyl for the first time ever by the Australian Solander Recording Company. Because it is an Australian label the distribution channels are a bit different then usual: It is available in Europe at Germany: HVVDecksVinylism – Holland: CloneHouse of Wax TilburgRush Hour – In Japan at Disk Union – In Australia it will be available at Wax Museum and Skydiver records and probably some other stores in the world…will keep you up to date for US places that will sell it. The digital version is still available on the Legowelt bandcamp page here

3 September

Swiss Museum For Electronic Instruments Kickstarter

Something *very* exciting:
The kind people from the Swiss Museum & Centre For Electronic Music Instruments (SMEM) are doing a kickstarter to start up the museum with a ‘PLAYROOM’ – a place where anyone can play the collection with their own hands.

A few levels underground somewhere in the Swiss medieval town of Fribourg is an atomic-bunker-style complex with the world’s largest collection of synths. A collection so vast its almost incomprehensible – a space filled with THOUSANDS and thousands of synthesizers, organs, oddball electronic instruments, beatboxes, effects processors and more – collected over the years by eccentric Swiss actor-musician-artist Klemens Niklaus Trenkle. It is curated and taken care of by a group of local volunteers – the SMEM is also a non profit organisation – hence the kickstarter.

“We believe that the best way to share such an unparalleled collection is through experiencing it firsthand.” – The kickstarter money will be used to build and facilitate a playroom where at any time 50 instruments selected out of the collection of thousands will be available to play – an accessible studio bringing the SMEM’s living heritage to a broad audience of musicians, students, performers, kids, and grown-ups!

one of the many endless rows of the SMEM collection when I visited it earlier this year in the winter

To support this beautiful project Legowelt will travel to Switzerland and spend a week or so with the collection – probably with the most obscure pieces – to record an exclusive vinyl album. This album will be available only for those who participate in the kickstarter – and nowhere else – not in shops! Already for CHF(Swiss Franks) 55  you will support the building of the studio and get the exclusive record – for 110 CHF you will get the record, a T-shirt and 4 hours of playing time in the playroom. There are lots more pledges and perks starting from 15 going all the way up to 5000 CHF.  Go check out the kickstarter to participate and for full and indepth information on this project!


26 August 2018

Rising Sun Systems – Oberheim Space Vinyl Re-Issue

Besides the Omnibus Babylon EP on Clone Records September will see the first vinyl re-issue of the 2015 ambient RISING SUN SYSTEMS – OBERHEIM SPACE album. Original released on my Nightwind Records it is being re-issued by the Australian Solander Recording Company on 2xVinyl with new full colour artwork. In Europe available at HVV amongst some other stores and in Japan at Disk Union. MP3 snipps:

Croissant With Stravinsky

Arcane Marine Biology

I Was Born In A Valley Of Freaks

Something Wild In The Village

Paradoxa Fermi

Hockney World

Nightwind Floppy Disc

Innsmouth, Today a Pleasant Seaside Town

Synthshoppe At A Domestic Airport

Freebasin’ For David Bohm

International Space Expose

26 August

Legowelt in Warzawa & Den Bosch This Week

This Thursday 30 August I return to Poland to play in Warzawa at the PLAC ZABAW NAD to play a live set after the Teatru Sejneńskiego Klezmer Band. More info here (FB)

Saturday 1st of September me and Elektrovolt drive to Den Bosch in his 1986 SAAB 900 TURBO to play at the LOSJES festival with PARANOID LONDON and the legendary STERAC and more -> See U There!!!

20 August 2018

Star Shepherd T-Shirts & Tank Tops

T-shirt                                                             Tank Top

Just in time for the summer -> STAR SHEPHERD apparel! Tank Tops & T-Shirts -> The ultimate techno gear garantueed to get you denied entry at the door of the hippest techno clubs!

Sizes: S, M, L, XL – The T-shirts are 19,99 and the Tank tops 15,99 euros

Exclusively available at CLONE records – get it here – soon at the IFM shop too!

15 August 2018

Legowelt In Corsica

This Friday 17 August I will travel to the island of Corsica for the first time to play at the Ballà Boum Festival. This festival will be at the Théâtre de verdure in the ancient municipality of Patrimoniu – with Daniele Baldelli and lots more! -> more info -> http://ballaboum.com

11 August 2018

Rotterdam & Groningen this weekend!

This Saturday I DJ with David Vunk and more at the Blijdorp festival in Rotterdam – Sunday I travel to Groningen for the PARADIGM festival with Intergalactic Gary and lots more!!! See you there!