Hellooooo welcome to the official Legowelt website running in deep dark corner of the internet since 1998 - See Legowelt live this saturday in The Hague Holland at the Koninklijke schouwburg with Ron Morelli - Inga Mauer - Marie Davidson - Laurel Halo - Aleksi Peralla and lots more!!! Next week I'll play at the Dekmantel Sao Paulo Brazil with Interstellar Funk - Palmbomen - Shanti Celeste - DJ Bone + lots more....some upcoming gigs the next coming months: Vienna - Frankfurt - Los Angeles - New York - Paris - The Hague 25 years of Bunker records at the PIP - Edinburough and more more info in the agenda section soon! ******** As you might have seen below there will be a new Legowelt album on Clone Records called "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time" it should be out around the 30th of october and will come on 2x vinyl LP ******** If you are using Ableton check out the SMACKOS CARAMEL CHORUS DRIVE fxrack plugin below -> a raw chorus effect to sparkle some spice over banal sounding tracks or whatever ****** Well thats it for today laterzzzzzzzz!!!!! ***************

20 September

Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Coming soon!!! Five years after the illustrious Paranormal Soul LP, techno derelict Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt returns on Clone with ”Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time”. A vivid collection of twelve genre-defying tracks: from late-night hermit house to Memphis rap influenced slowjam electro, from Amiga 1200 technorave to cosmic spaceweed trance, including the whole universe in between. All blended together in a mix of subdued sensuality and psychedelic splendour, this album is flavoured with Legowelt’s typical crunchy LO-FI sampler and synthesizer aesthetic. Wolfers’ own hand-drawn sleeve artwork illustrates the album’s mood without the need for much further promotional blurb… colourful stories embodying societal malaise and its dwellers – yet with a dash of aspiration. Music for misfits, witches, dreamers, cyberpunks, outsiders, geeks, and freaks. Legowelt’s people.

releasedate 30 october-ish on 2xVinyl

fragmentary sound snippets:

My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed

Its midnite & You Are Lost

Northsea Wisdom

Axumesia V S612

Trips To Polarius

Revenge Of The Nerds

Computerized Paradise

Whatever Happened to Surfhouse?

Beyond The Mind Of Man

New Stories

Legendary Freaks in The Trash Of Time

La Guerre Aux Reves

pre-order at Clone records

18 september

Todays Art Festival 2017

The koninklijke schouwburg circa 1920

This Saturday 23 september I play at the Todays Art Festival 2017 – at the koninklijke schouwburg The Hague Holland. With Aleksi Perala – Laurel Halo – Marie Davidson – Inga Mauer – Ron Morelli + lots more…See you there!!!

Info & tickets here

12 September

Legowelt R.A. Sessions

A little Live performance recorded last month at the Resident Advisor office in London. Gear used: Roland JX3P, TR707, 2x Korg Electribe Samplers, Korg MicroSampler, Moog MF analog delay, Novation BassStation II.

9 september

Roland D50 Synthesizer 30th Birthday

In line with the corporate whore that I am, I had a lot of fun doing some work for the Japanese Roland coorporation – programming some fresh patches and featuring in an infomercial for the 30th Birthday of the legendary Roland D50 synthesizer and the introduction of the Roland Boutique D05 – a small boutique version of the Roland D50 – not be mistaken with the ROLAND D5 from 198something. Now where are the keys to my Mercedes?????

All kidding aside, here are some mp3 demos with some sounds I programmed on the D05 all 100% straight from the little box including the FX, running from the internal sequencer or arpeggiator or just played by my hands:

Jazz Tapes: With an almost mellotron like tape warmth

Dubby techno chords

Para Space Ambient

Space Konijn – Orb-esque digital riff, later on I switch the portamento on

Amateur Space Jazz patch: This D05 patch is split on the keyboard, the higher part plays a monophonic portamento leadline, the lower a polyphonic pad string, each using 2 oscillators of the total 4.

Typical mellow Roland tones

Hitting all the sweet spots

Monophonic Knorrige Arpeggiator

6 september

Emotional Wealth is a Dream Video

Cool videoclip for the “Emotional Wealth Is A Dream” track that came out on the Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz album a couple of months ago. Directed by Alexander Falck.

4 september 2017

Smackos Caramel Chorus Drive

A fresh new SMACKOS FX plugin for your Ableton (version 9.5 and upwards)! This time we enter the hazy world of the Chorus effect!

A chorus adds a subtle modulated creamy cloudy atmosphere over your sound. The Caramel Chorus Drive discretely simulates Nomium transistor circuits to add an almost subconscious organic and unpredictable behavior to your sound.

Here is a little mp3 demo:

Infuse this stealthy dreamlike spatial chorus dimension with great ease – The Smackos Caramel Chorus Drive is particularly aimed at Ambient genres/sounds but you can use it on anything you want of course! Put it over your whole mix to give it a secret relish …or breathe life into mundane sounds, sweeten up singing or thin sounding samples – the possibilities are boundless!

Download here for MAC OSX & Windows PC

only for Ableton 9.5 and up

To use simply drag the SMACKOS CARAMEL CHORUS DRIVE.adg file into your ableton track.

TIP: Create even more organic flow by randomly automating the functions in the track envelope.


29 August 2017

Welcome to the all new Legowelt homepage!!!


So finally it is here -> the all new Legowelt.org homepage – no more broken links – no more error messages – no more need for 90’s haxOr l33t knowledge to surf around these dark dungeons of the web – Everything to embrace yourself into the psychedelic techno cyberpunk world at your fingertips!

This webpage will work 99% on many different platforms – phones, tablets, obscure browsers, windows, mac, amiga, linux….No more need to waste your time on facebook – just visit Legowelt.org for your daily zest of euphemistic self verification and make your mind completely tranquil and untroubled!



In the news section you can find the latest news about releases, gigs and all other stuff. The Cyberzine section has an archive of the Shadow Wolf cyberpunk e-zine. A collection of my DJ mixes can be found in the Mixes section, including all Memphis Rap mixes. A synthesizer database is all yours in the synthesizer section -> including HOT pix and hundreds of audio demos. If you are looking for stuff like my Ableton Smackos 808 simulator, AMiga 909 drummachine, Tape Station tape saturator, Clapernicus CLAP synthesizer etc.etc.etc. visit the Software section. Some obscure amateur Commodore 64 programs can be found there too!

Visit the art gallery for artwork send in from all over the world – check out the Obscuriosa section for illegitimate remixes and covers, check out the Radio section with a huge archive of my Intergalactic FM/CBS Astro Unicorn radioshow….and there is lots more fresh new stuff – expanding as we speak! Any interesting content that was on the old webpage and is still missing now will show up here sooner or later I guess (Like a dedicated Video section)… Enjoy!

Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz

On Nightwind Records, Danny Wolfers’ Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz’
Vinyl LP version available now – comes with 24 page graphic novel

get it at clone or your local dealer
Digital version available here (Including PDF of the graphic novel)

Also available on cassette and CD!

8 august

Wuppertal Schwebebahn

A very moody video I soundtracked for dutch artist Arianne Olthaar. The Wuppertal Schwebebahn is the worlds only suspended hanging railway and around 111 years old. A truly exciting contraption for trainspotters of all ages. More info here. And here is a cool stamp celebrating its 75th anniversary in 1976:

3 August

Legowelt in Tresor Berlin