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Apart from making music I also like to draw, paint and make animation films.

In 2022 I finished my first feature animation called AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER , a 70 minutes hand drawn animation film that took about 18 months to make. It was premiered at the EYE film museum in Amsterdam Holland 7 May 2022 with a live soundtrack on synthesizers.

Watch the full movie here:


AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER is the story of Samantha Tapfersten, a geeky young woman who lives a rather dull life in a medium-sized European city. She works a mundane job at a synthesizer store and spends her lonely evenings playing RPG games. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hacker group inviting her to Lonetal, a village secluded somewhere deep in the European Alps. As we follow her journey to Lonetal, things become more sinister and a grand mystery starts to unfold…

A review of the film in the German Die Zukunft magazine can be >>read here<<<


if you are interested in booking this with a live soundtrack by Legowelt for your festival/theatre/event/club/space please contact: info @ legowelt.org

So far we had sold out shows at EYE film museum Amsterdam, Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival Rotterdam, ZEND festival The Hague, Monokino festival Ostende, Kino Armata Kosovo, ADE Melkweg Amsterdam and Paradiso Amsterdam.