Heyooooooooo wassup welcome to legowelt.org running in a dusty bubbled up corner of cyberspace since the beginning of time ******* OUT NOW ISSUE 10 OF THE SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE CHECK INFO FOR BELOW also the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE COVERTAPE II compilation is out!!!!!!!!! ******** more news soon!!!! Ok laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz *********************

30 December 2021


Yesss here we go : – ) The latest issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine!!! 
Oldschool haxor electronic music freakscene ASCII e-zine full of controversial articles, interviews, DIY & Studio tips, music reviews. poems, letters, ASCII art and all kinds of other stuff.

You should really read it on a computer/desktop/laptop browser.. This will not really work on a phone and probably pad…?it will look all jumbled up – i dunno i have never used a pad in my life.

Read it HERE (BROWSER version)

plain TXT version

Like last year the zine comes with a ‘covertape’ compilation with featured and other cool artists. This is free/pay what you want and can be downloaded at the Legowelt bandcamp: 


The download includes the zine in .txt version