Heyyy welcome to legowelt.org see Legowelt live or DJ in the coming months : 22 September Fünk club Mexico City Mexico /// 23 September Radio bar Irapuato Mexico /// 29 September Paraiso Santiago de Chile Chile /// 30 September Festival Sao Existe São Paulo Brazil /// 7 October Laska V21 Riga Latvia /// 14 October Geopark Lights Festival Granada Spain /// 20 October Ballroom Blitz Beirut بيروت Lebanon /// 10 November Club 21 Florence Italy //// 17 November TES Tblisi Georgia /// 3 December Kauz Club Zurich Switzerland /// 30 December About Blank Berlin Germany more dates TBA ************ Coming soon more tapes on NIGHTWIND RECORDS like ALCHEMULATOR - A LONELY LARPER ON LARPANET, ALPENMARMOT & LEGOWELT 'LIKE A SONG IN YOUR DREAM" ****************** ok that's it for today laterzzzzzzzz


For worldwide bookings contact rene@octopus-agents.com


See Legowelt perform in…

1 September Felix Anjuna Goa India

2 September Anti Social Mumbai India

3 September Fandom Bangalore India India

8 September (also Noda & wolfers live!) Kaiku Helsinki Finland

9 September (Noda & Wolfers live!!!) Draaimolen festival Netherlands

10 September (Noda & wolfers live!!!) Parc Royal Brussels Belgium

15 September Understand Festival Disaster Lisbon Portugal

22 September Fünk club Mexico City Mexico

23 September Radio bar Irapuato Mexico

29 September Paraiso Santiago de Chile Chile

30 September Festival Sao Existe São Paulo Brazil   

7 October Laska V21 Riga Latvia

14 October Geopark Lights Festival Granada Spain

20 October Ballroom Blitz Beruit Lebanon

10 November Club 21 Florence Italy

17 November TES Tblisi Georgia

3 December Kauz Club Zurich Switzerland

23 December LO-FI Amsterdam Holland

30 December About Blank Berlin Germany




Past Gigs from last years 2017, 2018 etc:

23 September Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag Holland

30 September Sao Paulo Brazil

6 October Grelle Forelle Vienna Austria

7 October MTW Club Offenbach An Main Germany

21 October LAB111 Cinema Amsterdam Holland

27 October Griesemuhle Berlin Germany

3 November Clone Rotterdam Holland

4 November Claire Amsterdam Holland

11 November Los Angeles USA

17 November Boston USA

18 November Output New York USA

24 November Rex Club Paris France

25 November 25 Years Bunker PIP The Hague Holland

8 December Control Club Bucharest Rumania

9 December BAR Rotterdam Holland

15 December Poznan Poland

16 December  Nr.Z.P. Bielefeld Germany

26 December Shelter Amsterdam Holland

31 December Paradigm Suiker Unie Groningen Holland


1 January Hamburg Germany

12 January Phonox London England

19 January Seoul Korea

10 February Shadow Wolf Cyberzine seminar WORM Rotterdam Holland

17 February Tivoli De Helling Utrecht Holland

23 February Astropolis Winter Edition Brest France

24 February Madrid Spain

3 March Fribourgh Switzerland

8 March Moscow Russia

9 March Das Lokal Wroclaw Poland

10 March The Ground Planet Warehouse Den Haag Holland

16 March Bambi’s Toronto Canada

24 March Berghain Berlin Germany

30 March Le Diskret Lyon France

31 March IBoat Bordeaux France

5 April Dekmantel Tel Aviv Israel

7 April Lisboa Electronica Festival Lissabon Portugal

13 April The Temple Athens Greece

14 April London Oval Space England

21 April Concrete Paris France

2 May Santiago de Chile Chile

5 May Vrijland Festival Blijburg aan Zee Amsterdam Holland

5 May Het Depot Leuven Belgium

9 May Oslo Norway

18 May Intergalactic FM festival PIP The Hague Holland

19 May 4GB Saguramo Georgia

1 June Helsinki Finland

13 Juni Moog Barcelona Spain

23 Juni RaggaTron Digital Era Dub set Woosah Scheveningen Holland

29 June Taste of Orpheu Amsterdam Holland

30 June Mandela Hall Belfast Northern Ireland

7 July Rex Paris France

13 July Wildenburg Festival Kraggenburg Holland

14 July St.Petersburg Russia

21 July Rote Sonne Munich Germany

28 July Motel Campo Geneva Switzerland

4 August Moonland Festival Vassalena Vald Estonia

11 Augustus Blijdorp Festival Rotterdam Holland

12 Augustus Paradigm Festival Groningen Holland

17 Augustus Theatre De Verdure Patrimonio Corsica

30 August PLAC ZABAW NAD Warzawa Poland

1 September Losjes Festival Den Bosch Holland

8 September GriesseMuhle Berlin Germany

14 September Elsewhere Brooklyn New York USA

15 September Sustain Release Festival Monticello USA

21 September Grote Markt Todays Art Festival The Hague Holland

22 September NITSA Barcelona Spain

28 September Katowicze Poland

29 September Ampere Antwerpen Belgium

6 October Turku Finland

18 October ADE Soundlab cassette workshop Amsterdam Holland

27 October Østre Bergen Norway

2 November PHONOX London England

3 November Thompsons Garage Belfast Northern Ireland

9 November BAR Rotterdam Holland

10 November Electro Park Festival Genua Italy

17 November Legowelt scores Herzog Nosferatu live
Kino cinema Rotterdam Holland

23 November Corsica Studios London England

1 December Tresor Germany

8 December C12 Brussels Belgium

14 December Oost Groningen Holland

21 December Dada Bejing China

22 December VENT Tokyo Japan

24 December FAUST Club Soeul Korea

28 December Berkely Suite Glasgow Scotland

29 December Rashomon Club Rome Italy


11 January Phonox London England

18 January Le Mouton Noir Fribourg Switzerland

8 February French Kiss Bristol England

15 February Legowelt Scores W.herzog Nosferatu Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam Holland

16 February Urban Perugia Italy

2 March Fabric London England

23 March Warzawa Poland

29 & 30 March Chisnau Moldavia

30 MarchPridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Transnistria

5 April Dom Teknika Poznan Poland

6 April About Blank Berlin Germany

19 April Paaspop Schijndel Holland

19 April Cultfarm EKKO Utrecht Holland

27 April Opium Club Vilnius Lithuania

3 May Brooklyn Good Room New York USA

4 May Warehouse Into the Woods Los Angeles USA

5 May MUTEK San Francisco USA

11 May Dresden Germany

18 May Barcelona Spain

24 May Gewolbe Koln Germany

31 May Grey Space Gallery The Hague Holland Art Exhibit

1 June Odessa Ukraine

7 June XOYO London England

8 June OHM Festival Delft Holland

13 June Mondo Disko Madrid Spain

14 June BAR Rotterdam Holland

15 June Bret Amsterdam Holland
Digital era dub DJ set 

21 June Universal Sydney Australia
with DJ Stingray

22 June Canberra Australia

28 June BTHC Warehouse Brisbane Australia

29 June Hybrid Festival Melbourne Australia

5 July VISIO Festival Helsinki Finland 

6 July TRESOR Berlin Germany

27 July OHM Woosah Scheveningen Holland

2 August Katharsis Festival Amsterdam Holland

9 August Dokunight Andrra Prizren Kosovo

16 August Lowlands Biddinghuizen Holland

17 August Robert Johnson Offenbach Germany

18 August Else Berlin Germany

23 August EXT Naranjo 356 Mexico City Mexico

24 August Papaya Playa Tulum Mexico

30 August Salon Amador Medellin Colombia

31 August MAMBO Museo De Arte Moderno De Bogota
Bogota Colombia 

31 August Video Club Bogota Colombia 

6 September Up To Date Festival Białystok Poland

7 September Kasterlee Belgium

14 September Draaimolen Festival Holland

21 September ARTCORE Chisinau Moldova

28 September Expocenter VDNH KIEV Ukraine

4 October Mutabor Moscow Russia

5 October Simplon Groningen Holland

18 October Panorama Bar Berlin Germany

19 October Awakenings Holland

1 november Wigwam Dublin Ireland 

8 November XOYO London England

15 November Klub KegelBahn Luzern Switzerland

16 November Zurich Schönegg Varieté Zurich Switzerland

29 November PAG-TLV Tel Aviv Israel

7 December De School Amsterdam Holland

14 December Morfar Ginko Stockholm Sweden

27 December PIP Den Haag Holland

28 December About Blank Berlin Germany

31 December RTM Rotterdam Holland
with David Vunk


25 January Ved Siden Ad Copenhagen Denmark

7 February Live Soundtrack Grauzone Den Haag Holland

8 February Caserne des Vernets Geneva Switzerland

14 February BT59 Begles France

22 February London England

6 March Tresor Berlin Germany

13 September Ambient Space Concert @ Paradise Down by the Lake
Brussels Belgium

18 September Ambient space concert at the Openlucht theater de Goffert Nijmegen Holland

23 October  Herzog’s 1979 NOSFERATU live score on synthesizers Braga Portugal



6 August Zandvoort & Uilenbal Future Intel The Hague HOLLAND

18 August inner court yard of 3345 Noordeinde The Hague HOLLAND

21 August Grelle Forele Vienna AUSTRIA

10 September DISSOLVE FESTIVAL Białobrzegi POLAND

18 September Suicide Club Berlin GERMANY

30 September Théâtre du Châtelet PARIS FRANCE

1 October Club Freda BRNO CZECHIA

22 October  Lizdas Kaunas Lithuania

6 November COBALT Studios Newcastle ENGLAND

10 November Jasna 1 Warzawa POLAND

26 November NIGHT TALES London ENGLAND

11 December St.Ettiene FRANCE

18 December KIEV UKRAINE

25 December Belgrado SERBIA


25 Februari LoFi Amsterdam Holland

4 March FUSE brussels Belgium

11 March Trix Theatre Antwerp Belgium

19 March Tivoli de Helling Utrecht Holland

26 March La Machine du Moulin Rouge Paris France

2 April Fomo Klub Białystok Poland

3 April ELSE opening party Berlin Germany

15 April De Nieuwe Nor Heerlen Holland

17 April Halle Tropisme Montpelier France

Legowelt’s feature animation film with live soundtrack on synths
more info: http://legowelt.org/ambient-trip-commander/
EYE Film Museum Amsterdam Holland

13 May PAL HAMBURG Germany

21 May Rennes MADE Festival France

28 May Fold Club London England

4 June CRAVE FESTIVAL The Hague Holland

10 June Jaeger Oslo Norway

18 June Kapitel Bollwerk Bern Switzerland

4 July DC10 Ibiza Spain

23 Juli ALCHEMULATOR live OCCII Amsterdam Holland

28 Juy
AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER film screening with live soundtrack
at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam Holland

29 July 
AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER film screening with live soundtrack

29 July RE:FORM Festival Germia National Park Kosovo

30 July Revier Südost Berlin Germany

4 August OZORA FESTIVAL Igar Hungary

5 August DEKMANTEL Festival Holland

20 August PARAGON New York USA

2 September The Berkeley Suite Glasgow Scotland

9 September MAUKE Wuppertal Germany

10 September HHH – Monokino FestivaOostend Belgium

17 September Klub Poczta Główna Kraków POLAND

23 September ANKALI Prague Czech Republic

1 October HEAT x IFM DE HANGOUT Wijk aan Zee Holland

8 October Zend Festival PIP Den Haag Holland

15 October St-Étienne Le Fil club France

22 October MELKWEG ADE CINEMA Amsterdam Holland

9 November Alphabetum XII Museum WEST Den Haag Holland
Who? Are you – Artist Residency with High on Type


20 November Maho Rashop Festival RANGSIT BANGKOK THAILAND

26 November Gallery 86 Lithuania

2 December White Studios London England

3 December PIRAEUS Athens Greece
with animistic beliefs and more!






3 March SHELTER Amsterdam HOLLAND

18 March Cialo Wrocław POLAND

Screening with live soundtrack on synths of my


14 April Club Fleda BRNO CZECHIA


28 April Basement NEW YORK USA

29 April  Red Room WASHINGTON D.C. USA