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12 February 2018


Here is a new special issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine. Number 6 – most of it was made in one Saturday afternoon – on the 10th of February 2018 – at a Shadow Wolf cyberzine workshop seminar in the WORM institute in Rotterdam.  Around 20 participants were introduced in Cyberzine culture and ASCII art and embarked on making their own content for the zine. 

Some subjects that the participants wrote about:  Diabolo in Musica – David Vunk’s International Mayonaise review – MS20 Tinitus sound therapy  – The other parallel internet that time forgot – Animistic Belief’s secret family noodle recipe – OPAMPS The building blocks of Synthesizers – Wondrous Worms and lots more!

Read it here!

11 February 2018

Legowelt In Utrecht

This Saturday 17th February Legowelt at Tivoli De Helling Utrecht with Upsammy and the 030303 crew!!!

Tickets and more info here

6 February 2018

Cyberzine Workshop In Worm Rotterdam

Saturday 10 February at the Worm Institute For Avant Garde Media Rotterdam – I’ll do a ‘Make Your Own Shadow Wolf Cyberzine’ seminar. From 15:00 till 19:00 me and the participants are going to make a new issue of this e-zine.

UPDATE: If you want to attend this workshop please download
the necessary software & template here (Linux – MAC – Windows)

Legowelt will give a brief introduction and history on ’cyberpunk’ E-Zines (or Cyberzines), pre internet BBS culture, ASCII art and explain how to come up with ideas, subjects, write articles, make ASCII Art yourself and use the necessary software (SEAMONKEY composer in this case) – then we will put together an entire cyberzine, each of the participants contributing to this new special issue.

E-zines/Cyberzines  were mostly ASCII text file based zines that were distributed through telephone modem computer networks and floppy disks before the dawn of the internet – often distributed through BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems check out this cool documentary on this subject).

These E-zines were text files written by hackers, freaks, nerds, artists, Sci-Fi
fans, outcasts, psychotic weirdos, mad dealers and kindred folk, about what
was happening in their lives, to reach out to other people with similar
interests, lonely people  scattered around the world connecting in
CYBERSPACE and creating their own micro cultures around their hobbies and
beliefs. Most of these e-zines would be about hacking and anarchic subjects.
They  would have cool names like MAGIK (Master Anarchists Giving Illicit
Knowledge) MINDCRIME, The Scrolls of Serenia, HAKD (Ho’z ASCII Anarchy
Komputerz and  Drugz), SURFPUNK Technical Journal, some of them like the
legendary PHRACK and HEX40 magazines still exist today.

CYBERZINES are more important then ever – especially nowadays were
it seems that all these original romantic values of the cyberpunk/space
world  are falling apart with corporate institutions dumbing everything
down. CYBERSPACE is not facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or your google+
prison which scans every fart you make to sell you more useless stuff you
don’t need for your consumer selfie “look at me I am so happy” lifestyle.
CYBERSPACE extends all over the place, lightyears removed from your
lolcatz and facebook likes…a transcendental hyperreality matrix
from seedy little corners only visited by enlightened freaks to an infinite
world of clandestine knowledge that extends into infinity without CONTROL

Start: 15:00 End: 19:00 WORM #Wunderbar Foyer
Boomgaardsstraat 71 Rotterdam

This event is free

More information here

2 February 2018

Groove Magazin DJ Mix

Something cool for the weekend – A fresh new Legowelt DJ mix this time for the german Groove Magazin -> with a little interview you can read here

From contemporary avant garde rap tracks to scandinavian acid to disco to jamaican digital TR707 dancehall to lady blacktronika beatdown house to Japanese electro wave and everything in between!

Tracklist coming soon probably when I got some time to write that down

2 February 2018

Agenda Updated

This Saturday IF – DJ Zero and Legowelt Live in Sala Razmatazz Barcelona – More gigs for the coming months anounced in the Agenda section -> Duplex Festival Fribourg Switzerland – Le Diskret Lyon – System 108 Moscow – Circulo de bellas artes Madrid – Iboat Bordeaux – Astropolis Winter Edition Brest – Oval Space London – Das Lokal Wrocklaw – The Temple Athens – Lisboa Electronica Lissabon – Berghain Berlin – Tivoli De Helling Utrecht and lots more -> More dates T.B.A!!!

Loch Ness Expanded Cassette Artwork

“Interrupted Breakfast At Loch Ness Shore” 2017 watercolors & fineliner  – new artwork for the soon to be released cassette re-issue of the 2012 Loch Ness videogame soundtrack – remastered and with some extra unreleased tracks – All made on the mighty Commodore 64 SID sound chip. Also in the works remastered cassette re-issues of the 2008 Sammy Osmo Schaduw Horizon, Smackos Computer Day & 2016 UFOCUS albums. All on NIGHTWIND records!

Legowelt Live In Rome

This Friday at Ex Dogana – Viale dello Scalo S. Lorenzo 10 00185 Roma

See U There!!!

15 January 2018

Legowelt in Seoul South Korea

This Friday 19 January With DJ Haus, S.O.N.S and DJ Bowlcut!

At the CONTRA club 2 fl/ 3fl, 34-16, Itaewon-dong, Seoul, South Korea

지금 댄스뮤직신에서 아주 중요한 역할을 하고 있는 영국의 Unknown To The Unknown이 2018년 한국의 Contra에서 첫 레이블 나잇 파티를 가진다.
특별히 이번에는 최근 Clone records에서 “The Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time” 앨범을 발매한 ‘Legowelt’의 첫 한국 데뷔무대도 함께한다.
Unknown To The Unknown의 수장 ‘DJ Haus’도 이번 파티에 출연한다. 최근 DJ Haus는 Defected records에서 “In The House” 믹스 CD를 발매하여 큰 반응을 얻었으며, 이 믹스CD에 곡이 수록된 국내의 S.O.N.S도 이번 공연에 함께하게 된다. 또한 2018년에 눈여겨봐야할 국내 아티스트인 DJ Bowlcut도 이번 공연에 국내 라인업으로 함께한다.

See you there!

9 January

Franz Falckenhaus Tupolev System LP coming soon

The LO-FI cassette Spy Wave from Franz Falckenhaus returns on vinyl LP later this month on Giallo records. You can pre-order the vinyl LP here – or get it at your local dealer when its out soon.

“The obscure, previously CDR only Legowelt side project is full on VHS grained Cold War paranoia! Like if Fulci directed a Bond movie starring Udo Keir and Edwige Fenech. Shades of Fabio Frizzi, Minimal Synth and Aphex Twin. Culled from the three CDs originally released on Strange Life Records, it is with immense pride that we provide this collection for the first time on vinyl, lovingly remastered with exceptional new art by the one and only Eric A. Lee.”

Listen to snippets of the LP:


7 January 2018

Legowelt & Intergalactic Gary in London

At Phonox London this Friday – more information & tickets here