WeLcOmE tO LeGoWeLT.OrG ---> Thanks to all the freaks for the supercool party in London it was awesome! I will be back in London 2 march in Fabric with Peggy Gou and more ********* Issue 7 of the Shadow Wolf ASCII Cyberzine is out, check it out below. I got a Yamaha PSS480 during the holidays check out the little blurp, hot pix and sounds below! ******* Also if you didnt check it out yet there is a new SAMPLE PACK, this time with 385 16 bit WAV samples from the Kawai K4 free for you to use in your productions or whatever ******* This week I will travel to the SMEM Swiss synthesizer museum in Fribourg to make their kickstarter reward LP using a selection of their instrument collection and on Friday I will play a live gig at at the MoutinNoir ******** Due to popular demand I will do another performance of my live soundtrack for Werner Herzog's 1979 NOSFERATU this time at the EYE film museum in Amsterdam Friday 15th of February info how to get tickets etc. will be here on monday!!!!!!!! ******* Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *********

Monday 15 October 2018

How to make your own cassette tape release workshop

Thursday 18 October I will do a ‘ how to make your own cassettetape release workshop’ during the ADE Sound Lab at the De Brakke Grond (G4 Workshop Room) Nes 45, Amsterdam from 15:00 till 15:45

“The cassette tape is probably the ultimate Do-It-Yourself music format to release on, or at least it used to be back in the analog days. It initiated an independent homegrown amateur music culture that operated outside the normal big labels and distribution channels far before the dawn of the internet and digital music distribution. For the first time people could start their own label, record and release music for next to nothing financially in their own bedroom. In recent years the cassette tape has made a comeback – even though it is a bit of a mysterious ancient relic for people that didn’t grow up with it. During this workshop Legowelt will show that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to cassette tape culture. He will explain how to produce your own cassette release with just a tapedeck, computer, some paper and a bunch of cassettes – showing and explaining everything in the process from acquiring a tapedeck, brainstorming titles and track names, making the artwork, designing inlays to copying the cassettes themselves and distributing them”

More info here

Thursday 11 October 2018

Meeting a legend...

yesterday I went to the John Carpenter Anthology concert in Utrecht – apart from getting a cool bag and autographed poster I got a picture with him too!  if you should not be familiar with him check out his groundbreaking haunting minimal synthwave 1976 Assault On precinct 13 theme – one of the most important pieces of music from the 1970s (he also directed the movie itself ofcourse ;p ) . Read more about this soundtrack on the wikipedia page here

monday 8th October 2018

New painting ‘derailment in Los Angeles’

A new painting entitled ‘Derailment In Los Angeles’. Whats going on in the picture???

Saturday 6 October 2018

Legowelt Classics LP on Bunker Repress

The highly sought after Legowelt – Classics 2xLP from 2003 on Bunker records has been repressed! Including early Legowelt hits such as Sturmvogel, Nomium Syndrome, Dirty Love and lots more!  available here at clone and most probably your local dealer too if they aren’t some minimal techno boring wanker store with 2 rows of records and a Banksky poster.

Tuesday 1 October 2018

Phonica DJ Mix

A fresh Legowelt DJ mix – one and a half hour of some stuff I like – for the London recordstore Phonica mix series. Here is a little chitchat about it on the Phonica website too. On the photo I am wearing my NASA SPACE SHUTTLE suit which I bought a few years ago in an Army Dumpstore in Chapel Hill North Carolina when they scrapped the Space Shuttle program. I only wear it on special occasions ofcourse!


Hohner 49 Synth demo playing Orb Oberheim style riffs
Klaus Nomi – Keys Of Life
Tony Carey – Queen Of Scots 808 Smackos mix
SVP Clique – Time To Hit The Dope
Legowelt – Columbo Aces The Test
Pinchers – Increase Your Knowledge
The Future – Kings Of Kings
Natural Vibes – Life Inna Prison no nice
Gang – KKK
Andres Komatsu – Planete Noire
Geraldinne Hunt Could We Peter Slaghuis 1980 tape cut edit style
Superstar & Star – Keep On Rocking DJ Sorry ReMix
Cold Colors Xiu Ne Zovi Menya
Legowelt – Star Simulator II
Daniel Wang – In The Street
Rose Royce – Is It Love You Looking For ‘Peter Slaghuis 1980 discobreaks tape cut edit style
Unit Moebius – Speed Fever
Paranoid London – BoomBox Affair
Katerina – Trick Baby
Fanon Flowers – Serenity
AUX 88 – Parallel Universe
Ceephax – National Grid
Luke Eargoggle – Rookie Rokad
Chris Moss Acid – Power Friends
X-PLAIN – Bunker 018
Isabella – Pinned
Z.Zerfall – Bloeiend7beat
Happy Meals – Visions Of Utopia


29 September

Swiss Synthesizer Museum Kickstarter Goal Reached!!!

wooohooo the SMEM Swiss Museum for synthesizers and electronic instruments kickstarter goal has been reached! This means they can expand the museum by building the playroom studio so everyone can access the instruments without them gathering dust tucked away in storage bunker. A triumph for cultural artistic and intellectual achievement – this place will turn into a rebel base for enlightenment in these sinister and evil times, like a monastery in the dark ages. There is still about 24 hours left until the kickstarter ends so if you haven’t participated yet -> LET’S DO IT! Also your only chance to obtain the Legowelt vinyl LP album that I will record there, or if you want to use one of the 1000’s of electronic instruments from their collection – from Mellotrons to rare analog synths to weird prototype exotic digital racks to over the top 1970s space organs – like the Yamaha EX1 in the picture above – and if they make a bit more money they will include a library with all sorts of books concerning electronic instruments and music!

Here is a little movie from some organ channel where they transport the GALAXIS instrument to Fribourg and Klemens Niklaus Trenkle the founder of the SMEM shows a guy around who seems to come straight out of Aus Der Reihe Derrick:


28 September

Legowelt in Katowice & Antwerp this weekend!

Tonite I travel to Katowice Poland to DJ at the P23 -> more info here (FB) and Saturday 29th of September I play a live show in Antwerp Belgium with Juju & Jordash and more at the Ampere club more info here. See You There!!!

28 September 2018

Swiss Museum For Synths Kickstarter 5 Days Left

Did you know that every time some dumb wanker buys a useless vulgar Louis Vuiton bag for his girlfriend (or viceversa) a 1000 innocent puppies and kittens die – their noses cut off and tanned into just the right material for the bags!?! The kickstarter of the SMEM Swiss museum for electronic instruments is hardly the price of a few of these bags away from achieving its goal -> worldwide salvation from the waves of these symbols of self indulged ignorance by means of sonic disobedience! Save thousands of innocent puppies and kittens by supporting this kickstarter – money spent on this kickstarter is saved from being spent on those inutile evil bags!

Above a photo of the WERSI GALAXIS 1977 space organ, one of the exotic pieces in their collection. They still got 5 days left on their kickstarter – help these friendly Swiss freaks out with building the museum and the playroom so the collection will be accessible for the public.
They are hardworking volunteers that spend their precious spare time maintaining and cataloging these unique machines. There are lots of rewards if you participate – one of them is a Legowelt vinyl LP that I will record pro bono using the SMEM collection – it will be available only as reward in this kickstarter campaign not in any stores – so your only change of getting this record is to participate in the kickstarter!

The world needs this sanctuary of enlightenment in these dark and evil times! Spend your money on something that will spread intellectual achievement and endless amount of fun and sounds instead of pointless Louis Vuiton bags!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smem/the-playroom-an-interactive-synthesizer-space

20 September

The Hague & Barcelona This Weekend

This Friday 21st of September I will DJ at the Todays Art Festival opnening in the Volharding Building The Hague from 9.30 till 11.00 with Ian Martin & Legs On Fire and more! Saturday I travel to Barcelona to play at the NITSA club with DJ TLR & more! Info and tickets here

14 september 2018

Legowelt in Brooklyn & Upstate New York

Friday 14th September at Elsewhere Brooklyn with DJ Nobu Anastasia Kristensen Mike Servito and more! – tickets and info here.

Saturday 15th September at the Sustain Release festival in Upstate New York with Dj Stingray, Nobu, Josey Rebelle, Courtesy, Eris Drew and lots more!!!! more info here