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3 September 2021

Legowelt & Etienne Jaumet at Théâtre du Châtelet PARIS 

30 september I will be doing a special gig with french saxophonist and electronic musician Etienne Jaumet at the at the beautiful Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris were we will pay hommage to the great Manu Dibango. This is part of the Variations festival were artists play songs inspired by influential legendary composers/musicians with a special geographed FX art lighting show by Paf Atelier. Others that will be hommaged on that day by various other artists are Ghada Al-Samman, Domenico Scarlatti and Terry Riley!!! This will also be broadcasted by the FRANCE TV station. Tickets are 20 euros starts at 20h. 

Tickets & more info available here!

“Cet événement intégralement filmé présentera quatre duos inédits, rassemblant des producteurs et productrices de musiques électroniques et des instrumentistes autour de répertoires de musiques savantes et populaires.”


6 August 2021


Two “new” tapes on my Nightwind Records label – cassettetape versions of 2020’s SMACKOS – EDEN IN A SEA OF MISERY and 2016’s UFOCUS GUIDANCE FOR THE PUZZLED. Available as a 2-tape-pack only, for 25 euros comes with the usual postcards and stickers!

I had copied these tapes already in 2015 and 2016 but they never went in distribution. Thus they had been ‘fermenting’ for almost 6 years in my cellar dungeon in Scheveningen Holland. Its magnetic particles becoming even more complex and earthy, giving the sound tertiary aromas and deep flavours. The reason for the tapes rather long postponed released was that the computer with the tape inlay artwork stopped working in 2016 and I forgot about it and found them again and made some new tape inlay artwork…blaaaaahhhhhhh very exciting story ;p

Get it here on bandcampalso a lot of the Nightwind digital bandcamp releases are set to pay what you want this weekend because it is international bandcamp day once more 🙂

31 July

Tivoli Vredenburg gig Pics

Some pix shot by Jimi Hellinga of yesterdays performance at the Herz auditorium in Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht Holland, lots of thanks to the audience and crew, it was a lot of fun 🙂

Sound checking across the universe, the Herz auditorium is a beautifull place

More soundchecking

I made a background video with a lot of trains ridiing through dreamy coastal towns

Instruments used at this performance:
2x Polyend Trackers, Doepfer Modular (just used for an 18db Filter to put one of the channels of the Tracker through),  Korg Microstation Synthesizer, Oberheim OB6 Synthesizer, Yamaha Reface DX and CS synthesizers. Moog Moogerfooger Low pass filtter (to put the other channel of the polyend tracker through), Mooer Shimmerverb Pro, Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay pedal. HEMA calculator, Soundcraft Signature Edition Mixer. The laptop on the side was used for playing the video on the background


updated 30 July

*** SOLD OUT ***

Legowelt Ambient Concert Vredenburg Utrecht 30 July

Friday 30 July I will play 3 live ambient space concerts at the Tivoli Vredenburg at their Walk the Line Electronic event in Utrecht Holland. The audience will do a 2 hour tour between the different concert halls/spaces of the Vredenburg building were me and 3 other artists will be performing. Each individual show is 20 minutes. On the line up are Alberta Balsam, Phasing Waves, Ultrastation and me.  SOLD OUT Tickets are 17.50 euros and can be ordered here

Update in light of new Corona measures in Holland: As this is a concert with anti Corona measures (50 people max per concert/tour, 1.5 meters distance etc.) and it is in a theatre/concert hall with seats it seems it will go on as planned.

Monday 28 June 2021


Available now Cassette tape version of the SONG OF MOSS album, see below for more info. 60 minute tape with lyrics and map of Yakushima in inlay. Comes with 3 postcards and a “You are just a sad hologram projected from the edge of the Universe” sticker. Signed and numbered in edition of 150 copies. Price 15 euros  Order it here worldwide shipping. 

Update 15 July: SOLD OUT digital still available ofcourse: The digital file has a
PDF of the cassette artwork so you can print it out, cut it, fold it, record a blank/old tape with the digital files and still have your cassette copy 😉


Wednesday 23 June 2021

Out now on Nightwind Records NW030:


Danny Wolfers – “Song of Moss” – original soundtrack for Alexander Falk’s 苔の唄 Song of Moss – a trippy short movie of a voyage to the Japanese island of Yakushima. Heavy melodic deep listening amateur spacejazz ambient perfect for tripping, falling asleep, drawing, hiking, forest bathing, stargazing or whatever you want to do with it. Cassettetape version coming next week!!!

Get it here at bandcamp



16 June 2021


Yoooooo here we go my live set from the Intergalactic FM streaming festival 2021 is online go check it out here like repost share etc.etc.etc. 😉

12 Juni 2021

Polyend Tracker Legowelt Edition Project Files Free Download

For all those with a Polyend tracker (and not the Legowelt edition) you can download the project track files from my Tracker Legowelt Edition right here for free, also the project files from the Bogdan Raczynski and Pete Canon versions are freely available 🙂 

The project files are tracks you can desect, study, remix or just ripp the samples from. A broad range of styles are represented from Cyber Cumbia, Old School jungle, Miami Bass, The HAgue Sewer electro-nix, Italo disco, Gfunk, Gabber, Poldertechno, MinimalSynthWave and lots lots more!

The Polyend Legowelt Edition is pretty much sold out, you might find some lone units at stores like at Thoman here