Heyoooo supsup welcome to legowelt.org running in a dusty corner of cyberspace since forever ********* Check out the new videoclip I made for the upcoming SECRETS AFTER DREAMS album below! The LP should be out soon at lots of recordstores (probably arriving at Clone next week or so) some stores already have it in stock, the digital version is available at the Mystic & Quantum bandcamp page ********* See Legowelt play live this weekend 25 January in Copenhagen Denmark at Ved Siden Af -> haven't been in Denmark for eons I thought they only played leftover 90s bad trance records there but lets see it should be cool!!!! more info on that soon below ****************** Also Friday 7th of February I will do a live score for Kubricks 2001 movie at the Grauzone festival in The Hague more info on that soon too *********** ok thats it for today laterzzzzzzzz **********

27 September 2019

Legowelt in Kiev

This Saturday 28 september Legowelt live at the Expo center Ukraine in KIEV with VoIski and lots of other artists too! – tickets and info here

18 September

Legowelt live in Moldova this Saturday

After my first visit last March I return to beautifull Moldova again to play at the ARTCOR cultural center in Chisinau! This Saturday 21st of September at ARTcOR  str. S. Lazo, Chisinau , Moldova. Starts at 22:00…See you there!!!

12 September

Draaimolen Festival this Saturday

This Saturday Legowelt presents GLADIO live at the Strangelove 1 stage at Draaimolen festival in Tilburg with Afra b2b KI/KI – Helena Hauff – Job Jobse – Marie Davidson live –
Objekt back to back with DJ Stingray and Parrish Smith! More info here

Monday 9 september 2019

The Occult Orientated Crime Album on Vinyl

In the past 5 Years many of you have inquired, insisted, requested, prayed, petitioned and whatnot for a vinyl release of my 2014 THE OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME album on Nightwind records, originally only released digitally on bandcamp –  well your dreams have become reality as the Australian ambient label SOLANDER recordings is bringing you a triple vinyl version. All tracks are there including the Norwegian Raven one. Test pressings came in last week and its all good! coming soon in a gatefold sleeve 3xLP with ASCII shadow wolf cyberzine style artwork  – more news as we get it!

Some places you can pre-order so far:

Clone Records Holland

HVV.DE Germany

Vinyl Digital.com (Germany)

Rush Hour Records (Holland)

Phonica Records (U.K.)

Bordello A Parigi (Holland)

Disk Union Japan

Red Eye Records (U.K)

Decks.de (Germany)

Vinylism.de (Germany)

Also availabe soon at a lot of other stores!


Saturday 31 August

Checking out the MOSTRO a cool little Colombian FM synth

While in Medellin Colombia I visited the Outer Space Sounds office – OSS is a Colombian synthesizer brand that manufactures the MOSTRO – designed and manufactured in Medellin Colombia it brings a unique take on FM synthesis using a very effortless hands on control system. Its a got a cool old-school ‘scalable’ switch keyboard, a delay and a looper – this looper records the MIDI data – not audio – so its more of a sequencer and you can tweak the sounds once its looping! Extra coolness factor is that all synthesizer terms are in spanish – Oscillador, Envolente and Telcado sounds quite exotic. They were kind enough to lend me and Dim Garden one to make some sound demos, check them out below, all coming 100% from the MOSTRO, except the first ambient pad which has some cheap Chinese Mooer reverb pedal coming in after a minute or so:

Ambient pad with reverb pedal coming in

FM sequence

Carpenter Looper

Moody FM tones

Little tones looper (multiracked) 

Dim Garden’s Stray Cats (multitracked)

Dim Garden’s Folky tones

21 August

Mexico & Colombia Tour

MAMBO Bogota

This week I will start a little tour in Mexico & Colombia, playing live in the following cities:

23 August GLADIO Live at Oblvion Pt.1 info here Mexico City Mexico

24 August PPP Km 4.5 Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, 77760 Tulum Mexico

30 August Sala Amador Medellin Colombia

31 August MAMBO Museum de Arte Moderno de Bogota Colombia

31 August Legowelt presents GLADIO live at VIDEO CLUB Bogota Colombia

See you there!!!

Friday 16 august

Shadow Wolf Radio Episode 00

The Shadow Wolf Radio show episode 5 as broadcasted on The Hague’s Intergalactic FM Thursday 15th of August is now on SoundCloud – check it out above in the player or here

Check out older episodes of the Shadow Wolf Radio here in the Radio section!

MP3 downloads of the show are here at hotmixes.net


Leroy Smart – Let Off Sup’m  Smackos Pro One Version
Martial Cantarel – Forms 
Smackos – Lelystad D50 (or Lelystad D10 !?)
Frederik Müller – Active Guru Song 1
Bene Gesserit – It’s So Hard
Horace Ferguson – Sensi Addic Legowelt Acidhall remix
Pixies In The Woods – From Nursery To Misery Primitive Lands
Wolfram & Pamela Anderson – Whats Your Mind Like (Legowelt Remix)
Chikissecrets – Cold Cool Summer With Poly 800
KASKO Allisa – On Vain Taa Yo (Radioversion)
Consequential – Magic Key
Ende Shnaefilet – My Mother Sells Tupperware
Mars 2008 – Love In The Net
AquaRhythms – Bodyjazz Bodyfusion Ether Spiritool Mix
Great Circles – Heckadecimal – Trash 120
Gladio – Fantasy of Desire Dreams Of Debauchery
JP08 hypno track Live recording
Helena Hauff – Sea Shore Acid

Lowlands, Robert Johnson & Berlin this Weekend!

Some live gigs this weekend in Holland & Germany:

Friday 16 August I will be playing a GLADIO live set at the X-RAY stage at the dutch Lowlands festival in the Flevopolder with Upsammy, Identified Patient, Ki/Ki, DJ Marcelle and more! More info here tickets are sold out already

Saturday 17 August  I will take the train to Offenbach to play the legendary Robert Johnson club at the TOTAL STAY event which will start in the day time already and I will play a live set from 19:00 till 20:00. With lots of intriguing artists such as Job Jobse, Lena Willekens, Orson Welles, Via App, Bambounou, Eris Drew and many many others – info and tickets here

Sunday 18 August I will travel to BERLIN to play the ELSE club where there is a cool party organised by the Rotterdam BAR club – I will play live and also playing The Hacker – Identified Patient – Vladimir Ivkovic – Jetti & Post – Young Marco & Homeboy. Info and tickets here!

Thursday 8 August 2019

Legowelt in Prizren Kosovo

This Friday 9 August I will DJ at the DOKU FEST Festival in Prizren Kosovo, an international short film & documentary festival  More info here! This is also the very first time I play in Kosovo! Also DJing: Privacy and Johnana

Monday 5 August

Rubber Tijd Space synth trip mix

1 hour+ mix of hardcore ambient newage cosmic synth spacejazz from the North Sea Institute For The Overmind archives, mostly unreleased stuff coming out on Nightwind Records in the future. Selected and programmed for the Rubber Tijd mix series. Perfect for taking a walk – forest bathing – drug tripping – picnics – turning your bedroom into a spaceport – meditation – floatation – driving – train rides – hobby background music or whatever you want to do with it. Not for shallow normies or minimal techhouse wankers! Check it here or click in that thing above


00.00 Bass Station II WXAXRXP AFX edition PWM drone/Sequence/duophonicpad/bleeps
04.03 Bass Station II WXAXRXP AFX edition PWM paraphonic Plainsong
05.39 Bass Station II WXAXRXP AFX edition Cosmic FreeJazz
08.03 Alpine Peaks
12.23 The Golden Age Of Flying Boats Overcast Swaying Palms
15:12 An Amatoral Concept without Density + Piano Rain recording
20:53 Yamaha PSS 570 Warm Ambient
25:33 My Roland D10 is more sinister then your shallow boyfriend
27:45 The Golden Age Of Flying Boats Devotional Spirit of a Great Void
30:57 Nosferatu Chip A Pleasant Morning
34:00 Airwave Synthesis
42:45 A Giraffe On A Drizzly Town Square
46:00 Time drew near for the decimation of man Fata Morgana
52:18 AmateurSpaceJazz 2018 American Dessert Tumbleweed Rhodes
54:57 The Dolphin Hotel
1.00;12 Bass Station II WXAXRXP AFX edition Freak out & random sequence
1:03:30 The Land Is Entranced With Peace