Heyooooo! The results of the 2021 Legowelt ART COMPETITION ARE IN CHECK BELOW for all entries and winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************* If you haven't checked it out yet I did a special edition of the Polyend TRACKER sampler sequencer - a hardware tracker like Octamed and Protracker with a custom faceplate and 5000+ sounds from my studio, available for pre-order now, limited to 300 units check it below for more information and sound demos! ***************** I also uploaded a new DJ mix that was broadcasted on London Rinse FM on 1st of April check it out below too !!! *********** Ok that's it for today Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ***************

10 November 2020

Amateur Space Jazz Graphic Novel+CD re-issue

Limited re-issue of my’ 2017 ‘Unfolding the Future with Amateur Space Jazz’ album on professional high quality factory printed CDr with signed 24 page graphic novel. Get it here at the Legowelt bandcamp XXX SOLD OUT XXX

6 November 2020


It’s been a while so here is a new Legowelt DJ mix called ‘Frames of Reference’ with lots of classics, unreleased and upcoming tracks and more. . Check it out on Soundcloud or download it here (MP3 320kBPZZZ 241,5 MEGABYTEZZZZZZZZZ) I am sure it will appear on other places soon too. I know Soundcloud sucks these days its all bro-y EDM frat vibes but its still better then Mixcloud I guess (Come on wtf is that you can’t rewind or did they change that!?!…what dumbass thought that up) or they both suck equally…whatever…I hope there are no commercials.

 Artwork is a new painting I guess I call it ‘Frame of Reference’ which you can buy here in the gallery section.


Legowelt – As yet Untitled(not like terence Trent d’arby style but I still have to think up one)
Legowelt – Taping a Broken Heart
Felix Schmidt – Vision Factory Cracktro + Rhythm
The Satin Valves – Vacancy For A Freak
Esplendor Geometrico – Chile al Dia
Clan of Xymox – Stumble & Fall
CrusHerr – Slijptol
Caramel Chameleon – Peanut Butter
Savantorix – The Hordes
Ben Wodanski – Shutdown 2020 01 Simple
Chevalier de Barbaras – I ride my Horse
Fatima Yamaha – Day we Met Legowelt remix
Simoncino & Merwyn Virgo 4 – Dancefloor Legowelt remix
Legowelt – A Plan Comes Together
Gladio – Sequential Sensualis
SPK – Walking on Dead Steps
Mike Rogers – Just a Story
Esplendor Geométrico – Trybuna Robotnicza
Ricardo Laine – Pain and Reward
Mike Mareen – Here I Am
Ratsnake – Home 08 Last Call
Legowelt – ??????
Mängelexemplar – Urlaub im Bett
Traxxman – Acid Tripping (reworked acid issshh)
Nao Katafuchi – Wasure Banashi

4 November 2020

Ambient Trip Commander Sweater

Some new Legowelt apparel: an exclusive Ambient Trip Commander sweater, comes in various sizes . The perfect birthday or xmasss present or just a good occasion to spoil yourself, because you deserve it! Order it here at the Legowelt bandcamp.

EDIT: They sold out within a day, that’s cool for me but maybe not for you 😉 I will make some more…should be available soon!

Live Score for Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu in Braga Portugal

Performing the live soundtrack last year at the EYE filmmuseum Amsterdam

This Friday 23 October I will score Werner Herzog’s 1979’s NOSFERATU PHANTOM DER NACHT live on synths at the GNERATION cultural center in Braga Portugal  more info here

Strict COVID-19 rules apply, Desinfect hands when enter the building, a mask is mandatory inside and a distance of  2 meters should be mantained at all times.

19 October 2020

Nomination at Abuja International Film Festival

My soundtrack for the Second Audition, a movie by Dutch Iranian director Pouya Gourabi that came out earlier this year, has been nominated for ‘outstanding film in music score’ at the Nigerian Abuja International Film Festival 2020. The movie itself has been nominated for outstanding foreign film too 🙂 Check out the trailer here and there is a link to watch the movie in there too somewhere. More info about the film festival and the nominations here.

17 October 2020


Another Remix is out on vinyl -> FATIMA YAMAHA ‘Day we met’ Legowelt remix on Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig’s Magnetron Music. Also remixes by Orlando Voorn, DMX KREW and Betonkust! Buy the vinyl here, Digital on bandcamp here – I am sure it will turn up in your local record store too soon. I would describe it myself as some soothing meandering electro disco with heavy Quebeqesque-disco Gino Soccio vibe, the vocoder sounds are coming from my trusty Microkorg.

13 October 2020

Simoncino & Merwyn Virgo Four Legowelt Remix

 I did a remix for Simoncino & Merwyn from Chicago House legends Virgo Four (who is an amazing soulfull singer) check it out here! Its going to be out soon on SKYLAX records. Most sounds are from the Yamaha PSS795 (more info and demos from that little keyboard synth here) and here is a samplepack somewhere too with sounds from the PSS795 I made a few years ago including the very useable raw drum sounds!

Legowelt System Shapeshift EP out in November!

A little Legowelt EP on the Spanish Lapsus sidelabel C.E.E. records called System Shapeshift (had to think up a title fast so its not the most poetic ;p ) anyways its a rather varied 5 track vinyl with a nice selection of tracks, check out the snippppetzzzz below!

It should be out in November Pre order here at bandcamp or check your local recordstore at that time!

Santiago Chile Arp Track

System Shapeshift

Live in Transnistria


My Dad Was a Lifeguard


24 September 2020

Legowelt ambient concerts in Tolhuis Tuin
Paradiso Noord Amsterdam

This 24th of October I will be doing two Ambient trip commander space concerts at the Paradiso Noord Tolhuis Tuin location. The first concert of 20:30 is sold out but there are tickets available for the second one which will be performed at 22:30 ish. Get the tickets here! . The Tolhuis tuin is easily reachable from Amsterdam Central Station with a free ferry. This show is seated, Maxium 2 tickets per person – Main buyer needs to bring ID – Tickets are personal and can not be resold.
See you there!!!

7 September 2020

Paradise Down By The Lake

Sunday 13 september, I will do an ambient concert at the Domain of Calmeyn Drogenbos in Belgium. This is part of a series of events that take place on a lake – the audience float on their individual ‘corona household bubble’ rafts safely enjoying the music before the stage. Playing on other days people like James Holden, Stellar Om Source, Meetsysteem, Move D, Gigi Massin, Renaat Vandepapeliere, etc.

More info and tickets -> http://www.paradisedownbythelake.be