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12 December 2019

Legowelt in Stockholm Sweden

I will be back in Stockholm this Saturday 14 December playing at the MORFAR GINKO club more info and tickets here I’ll bring some new Legowelt art postcards…See you there!!!

12 December 2019

New Legowelt Postcards

I made a bunch of new postcards of my paintings –  you can get them for free at Clone Records and I always have a bunch with me at gigs to give away 

Thursday 5 December 2019

Legowelt in De School Amsterdam

This Saturday 7th of December  I play a live set at the School weekender in Amsterdam – with Veronika Vasicka  Interstellar Funk and Morah info and tickets here See You there!!!

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Secrets After Dreams

A new painting – this one comes with a vinyl LP thats out soon on the Asturian Mystic & Quantum Records label – called “SECRETS AFTER DREAMS” the digital version of the album is already available at the Mystic & Quantum bandcamp page – Were you can also preorder the vinyl. You can preorder at these stores too:  CLONE  – Bordello A Parigi – Rush Hour – Bleep – Phonica and a lot of other stores too. If you want to buy the original artwork check out the Art gallery section

check out the snipssss:

‘Once upon a Time at the In&Out Burger Academy’


‘Oberheim Blockade Runner’

‘Prophet 2000 a powerful 12 bit sampler’

‘Meekian Love Dance’

‘Don’t Let Your Life Go By on Autopilot’

‘Vesper Sprites’

5 November

XOYO London this Friday

I-F, Intergalactic Gary, Juju & Jordash, Dekmantel Soundsystem and Legowelt live this Friday 8 November at XOYO London more info & tickets here 

28 October 2019


A ‘pro’ videoclip made by video director/artist Koen van Someren Greve for the Legowelt alias Gladio ‘Olympus Panspermia’ track that was released a couple of months ago on the ‘Means to Freedom’ LP on L.I.E.S records. its both on youtube and `vimeo – the Vimeo quality is a bit better

Some fun facts about this videoclip:

The puppeteering was done by Legowelt himself

The parrot’s name is called Gladio Parotti

Gladio parotti’s favorite crisps are Wokkels & ‘natural’chips

The track is a little bit different then the LP version – its sort of made especially for the videoclip

The entire clip was shot in slow motion on a Black Magic Camera

24 October 2019

Legowelt in Neuchâtel Switzerland

This Saturday I travel to the lovely Switzerland to play with Sassy J & DJ Anacaona at the  Fiesta De Los Muertos in the Cache A Chocs club Neuchatel Switzerland. More info & tickets at the Cache A Chocs website!

Hexagroove Tactical DJ for Nintendo Switch

I did some sound work for a Japanese Swedish videogame for the Nintendo called HEXAGROOVE TACTICAL DJ – were you play a DJ and have to tour clubs and sequence tracks in the right way for points – I did the ‘basic electro’ level with some raw old school, acid & The Hague electronix vibes. Theoretically you can make a zillion of new tracks with the 48 loops I provided.  Worth checking out if you have a Nintendo and can cope with other music styles like Goa Trance and reconstructed club house ;p More information here on the Nintendo website

Here is some footage of the game:

12 October 2019

Shadow Wolf Radio 6 – 2 Hour Legowelt DJ MIX


Episode 6 of the Shadow Wolf Radio show on Intergalactic FM! -> A 2 Hour Legowelt DJ set not much chitchat but lots of unreleased and hot stuff non stop in the mixxxxxxx, Listen on Soundcloud or download here – check out the tracklist below! The artwork is painting called ‘Soup for One’ – look at it in more detail here


Chairweiner – Follow the Leader
Call Here My Varlet – The Police Sais…
Dawn Of The Iconoclast
Legowelt – Squirrel
Moon B – Moonside Track 2
De Ambassade – Zo Hoog als de Bogen
Ende Shnaefliet – New Synthi
O Yuki Conjugate – P2
Mono Junk – Onket
David Lyme – Bambina
Nightmoves – Transdance
Smersh – Cassettepets – Herman
Mono Junk – Won’t You Leave Love to Me
Beverly Hills 808303 Acid Planet 4
Lynx – Call
IOSS – Yes Yes Oh Yes Composition Nr.1
Unit Moebius – Bombo
R-Zac – Digital Acid
Frank De Wulf VS T Quest – Play
Legowelt – Don’t Let Your Life Go By On Automatic Pilot
Bamboo Spaceship – Go Between
Traxman – Lady Dro
Vibert & Simmonds – Go To Sleep Everything Is Alright
Infiniti – Think Quick
Ian Boddy – Living In A Ritual
Penik Ettek – Black Catalogue Ritual Acid
Sparkwave – Crashers
Trinere – How Can we Wrong
Ceephax Acid Crew – Arachnid Acid
Nosferatu Chip
Coverti World Ultra Distortion
Black Tape For A Blue Girl

2 October 2019

Moscow & Groningen this Weekend!

I’ll be Back in MOSCOW this Friday! Playing Nina Kraviz’ трип label party (MU-TRIP µ трип) with a pretty cool line up TERENCE DIXON – Vladimir Dubyshkin – Parrish Smit and lots of other cool artists. At the MUTABOR club more info and tickets here

Saturday I travel back to Groningen Holland for an ACID DJ set at the SIMPLON with legendary Thee J Johanz more info and tickets here