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3 February 2020

Legowelt live score on synths for 2001 A Space Odyssey

This Friday 7 February I will do live soundtrack performance on synthesizers for 2001 A Space Odyssey at the Grauzone festival in The Hague The Netherlands – also playing Test Department, Group A, Thurston Moore Group, Damo Suzuki and lots more! The movie screening is at 21:15 till 23:15 at the Koorenhuis The Hague. More info & Tickets here!

24 January 2020

Legowelt in Copenhagen Denmark

This Saturday 25 January I will play a live performance in Copenhagen Denmark at the Ved Siden Af club! More info and tickets here Come and say hello -> See you there!!!


10 January 2020

The Land is Entranced with Peace

This tape with a recording of my 2017 live soundtrack for the 1972 Werner Herzog Fata Morgana movie at the LAB111 cinema in Amsterdam was released in a very small batch two years ago and is finally available again at Clone Records here

The digital version is up too finally on my bandcamp, pay what you want here
The digital version comes with scans of the tape inlay, hi-res version of the artwork and some extra tracks.

3 January 2020

Art Show at Clone Records Rotterdam

A little art exposition this weekend (3, 4, 5 January) at Clone Records Rotterdam! 15 paintings and prints are exhibited there, you can buy the signed and nummber prints – > framed in walnut-wood fancy frames with anti-reflection glass. The prints are fine art Giclée museum grade, printed on Canson Infinity 310gr 100% cotton paper – the paper with the purest white – printed by a professional art printing company not someones uncle with a CMYK photo printer.  Prices are 100 euros for the smaller prints to 150 euro for the bigger ones. ALSO -> Sunday afternoon I will do a little ambient space wave whatever set at Clone, probably around 15:00ish!

And there are lots of free art postcards of the paintings too if you don’t want to buy anything. This all coincides with the CLONE New Years sale weekend – a lot of records are %%%%% discounted and they brought in some major new collections so you can shop for some new tunes too…so come say hello! 

Opening times Friday till 21:00 Saturday 10.30 – 18.00. and Sunday 12:00 – 17:00

Adressss = Raampoortstraat 12 ROTTERDAM close to the Central Station

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue 8

Here we go!!! the 8th issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE – another action packed ASCII cyberzine with: Confessions from club promoters, Nostalgie de la Boue, Studio Tips, Acidic Male, Franziska Lantz, Unconvential Modular Modules, The Origins of ACIDHALL music (Including a free ACIDHALL compilation), Tylers Cyber Corner, Guerilla Gardening, AI and music making a cheap reflection, Muzikaal Dobbelspel and lots lots more!!!

Check it out here -> Shadow Wolf CyBeRzInE Issue#8

(This does not work on phones you got to use a computer to read it – oldschool BBS haXoR style)

Upcoming gigs till New Years

Three gigs coming up until the end of the year:

27 December PIP The Hague Stille Nacht Holland with Sassy J and Jeans -> Tickets and info here

28 December About Blank Berlin Germany with Gesloten Cirkel and lots more!!! Tickets and info here

31 December New Years Eve RTM ROTTERDAM Holland with DJ Overdose & David Vunk -> Tickets and info XXX SOLD OUT 

Saturday 14 December 2019

Shadow Wolf Radio December

A new episode of the Shadow Wolf Radio show on Intergalactic FM is online -> check it out above on Soundcloud – tracklist:

Mark Van Hoen –  Truancy
Dissemblance – L’aigle Mort
Den Harrow – Mad Desire
Futuro – Camminare Senza Meta
Carl Matthews – Aeon
Hot Chocolate – Cicero Park
Enrique – Self Loathing
Hieroglyphic Being – This is a terrible place
Nick Klein – Pena Adobe
Franziska Lantz – Plan Escape Route
Imperial Goat Pro One
Lokier – Fighting The Past
Legowelt – MAMBO Bogota live track
Off The Meds – Belter
Kato – Fantasies of Lust (Smackos Remix)
Brother From Another Planet – Wind Up
Snobgodess – Hate Cloud Attractor
Captain Mustache – Computer Monkey Feat.The Advent Legowelt Remix
Detroit In Effect – Programming
Duckie Dumpling & The Like Whatevers – Deconstructed Club music is even worse then tech house
Skitungen – Ofrivilliga Rörelser
Luke Eargoggle – The Bathroom Mirror
Exaltics remix
Legowelt – Once Upton a time at the In&Out Burger Aca
Dendo Mannequin – Frozen Edge
Bene Gesserit – Postcards From Arrakis Funny toys
Wool & The Pants – I’ve got Soul
Little John & Black Culture – Reality

DEXED Yamaha FM DX improvisation (download VST here)
J Dilla – Let’s take it back
Pennik Ettek – One hour Before
Cadman, Stephen – Big Smith Stays in Bed Conversation


short story about the Faroer Islands from Marcel Theroux

Author Marcel Theroux reads his new short story ‘The Sea Child” over my Saab Knutson Electronic Music From The Faroer Islands album.

if you are into mythical sea creatures, Shadow Over Insmouth-style seaside stories,   eerie  fables, desolate northern atlantic islands etc.etc.etc. get yourself a nice coco or tea with a cookie and sit down in your comfortable fauteuil sofa (preferably before your heater or knispering fire place) and take 15 minutes of your time to massage your brain with some seasonal spoken word literature -> check it out here 

Also last week I was in his London radioshow with Rough Trade books – which had the Faroer Islands as its main subject….if you are into radio chat programs/podcast with some light tune now you can tune into that here

If you want to hear or purchase the Saab Knutson Faroer Islands album check it out here

12 December 2019

New Painting

This painting is called “The Intergalactic Eggporium, Rancho Palos Verdes, LA” for more paintings check out the gallery section