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16 April

Paaspop Schijndel & Ekko Utrecht this Friday!

Two gigs in one night this Friday 19th April -> First I close the techno-tent at Paaspop festival in Schijndel with Oceanic, Mozgan, Jody Bernal, Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo and lots of other people then I head to Utrecht were I will DJ at the EKKO club from 3 till 5 AM ! I updated the Agenda too, check it out for gigs around the world -> Vilnius, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Barcelona, Dresden, Cologne, Odessa & more!

14 April

Tokyo Synthesizer Showroom in Rain Season 1979

A new painting titled ‘Tokyo Synthesizer Showroom Rain season, 1979’ inspired by and old KORG catalogue (vol.4 from 1979) – on the last pages there are some cool pics of a Korg Showroom – I couldn’t find it on the web so I scanned the catalogue for you to check out – read it here – 28 pages of luscious late 70s Korg Products a must for any synthesizer freak 🙂 ! Don’t mind the coffee stains and roughed edges I am not very good at archiving stuff and I pretty much destroyed the catalogue reading it over and over as a kid…

Here is also a super high resolution scanned version (150 Megabytezzzz for prosperity and academic research usage)

11 April

New Painting: Origin Of The Domestic Dog

First of all – the website is extremely slow due to a server move, they are working on it should be fixed soon…Bare with me! Second, Here is a new painting called ‘Origin Of The Domestic Dog’ – if you like these paintings: 31st of May I will have my first art exhibition at the Grey Space Gallery in The Hague part of Uit Het Gareel/The Crave festival. The paintings will be for sale there for a few months – I probably put them online too so you can buy them via the Gallery too if you are somewhere far in the world. More info about that around that time! Meanwhile you can check out the gallery section…

SMACKOS LEMURIA Vintage Sampler Simulator

Do you want to get that luscious crunchy sweet sound of old samplers? That solid esquisse, that wooly warmth of early AD/DA converters, the frangible digital artefacts of anti-aliased smoothness? All convienient in your Ableton DAW withouth splashing $$$$$$$ for an Akai S612 or EMU SP1200 and mucking about with floppy discs, quickdiscs or USB floppy emulators…!?!?!!

Legowelt introduces the SMACKOS LEMURIA vintage sampler simulator for Ableton


Check out some sound demos, first the dry sound then with the Lemuria vintage sampler simulator FX over it:

Alesis DM5 transmorphed into an EMAX II 

Alesis DM5 morphed into an Akai S700

AtomicDog loop morphed into Ensoniq Mirage

AtomicDog loop morphed into EMU SP12

AtomicDog loop morphed into Sequential Prophet 2000




From 8 to 16 bit – you can emulate the sounds of classic distinctive vintage samplers such as the Ensoniq Mirage, EPS, Akai S612, S700, S900, S950, MPC60, EMU EMAX, Emulator, SP12, SP1200, Sequential Circuits Studio 440, Prophet 2000, Amiga sampling chip, Cheetah SX16, Casio FZ1, RZ1, SK1, Roland S10, MKS100, S50, Korg DDS1 and lots more at the touch of a few mouse movements!

give your sounds that sketchy foggy soul and digital mystique with the SMACKOS vintage sampler simulator -> Instal on Ableton 9.5 + , 10 and up! Works on Mac and Windows computers. Easy to use! (even if you are a jock or fondantkip)! – just drag the SMACKOS LEMURIA VINTAGE SAMPLER SIMULATOR.ADG file into your MIDI or Audio channel.

Download it here



A quick overview of the functions:

INPUT LEVEL – this seems like a boring trivial function but it can alter the sound greatly! On low levels you will hear more of the digital artefacts creeping in, higher levels will make the sound louder, more agressive and different artects will be noticable.

8-12-16 bit – with this fuction you can set the bitrate of the sampler – anywhere between 8 and 16 bit. Really cheap samplers such as the Ensoniq Mirage and Amiga sampling chip used 8 bits, a lot of legendary samplers such as the SP1200, S900, S612, Prophet 2000 etc. used 12 bit. When the bitrate is set at 8 bit a special dedicated second anti-aliasing filter will automaticly be activated to smoothen out the digital noise.

8 BIT Ensoniq Mirage, Amiga Sampling chip, Casio SK1 etc.
12 BIT EMU SP12,1200, AKAI S612, S700, X7000, MPC60, S900, Roland MKS100, S10, S50, S330, Sequential Prophet 2000 etc.
13 BIT Ensoniq EPS
16 BIT  S950, S1000, ROLAND S750, Cheetah SX16, FZ1 etc.

SAMPLING FREQ DIRT this simulates the sampling frequency sort off. At low levels you will get a crunchy noisy sound akin to having a low sampling frequency – higher levels will give a more high quality, less noisy sound. eg. putting it on the lowest setting with the bitrate at 8 bits will give a sound comparable to extremely lo-fi samplers such as the Casio SK1, Amiga or Ensoniq Mirage. High settings with the bitrate set at 16 will give emulate the sound of hifi sound samplers such as the S950, S1000, Roland S750 etc.

FILTER– A simple filter to smoothen the harshness of lower bitrates, gives the sound a pleasant warm feeling

MEMORY CRUSH – Also known as the ’45 RPM + 6,7% pitch trick’ – early samplers had very little sampling memory sometimes just 2 seconds! To make longer samples from vinyl records the record would be sampled at high speeds and then slowed down in the sampler to its original speed – giving a rougher, crispy and more sketched sound in the process.

D-A WARMTH – emulates the extra punch of certain sampler Digital-to-Analog conversion circuits and all that comes with that (compression & EQ tricks that give “character” to the sampler)

SAMPLE GAIN – emulates, sort of the normalization function of a sampler can also be used as a simple volume function. Entangled with the sampling input function


This should work with all Ableton Standard & Suite versions from 9.7.7  and up including all 10 versions – both Mac OSX & Windows PC – Have fun with it!

29 March

Shadow Wolf Radio 3 Playlist

Here is the playlist of Shadow Wolf Radio episode 3 as broadcasted on Intergalactic.fm last Thursday. In this episode we test if Lee Perry’s studio trick of blowing ganja vapor on tape really works, we take a look at the new SMACKOS Vintage Sampler Simulator software coming out next week and lots more music from all over the place! 

Download the mp3 on hotmixes.net or listen on Soundcloud here or below


Intro Miles Davis L’ascenseur Pour L’echefaud + Prophet 5 arpeggio
Konrad – Working Man

Ultravox – Dislocation
Unknown Composer – Jeep Command C64 SID tune
Eric B & Rakeem – My Melody (Dub)
M.C.Shan – Dub Biter mixed with Sonic Graffiti – Elven Warrior
Dynamix II – Yellow Beats mixed with Delroy Edwards Slowed Down Funk Vol.1
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – The Narcisist
Blue Krishna – Rising Sun This Is Just The Beginning
Sun Ra – Enlightenment
Lee Perry Quantum Physics experiment with Amnesia Maximum Ganja

Ralphie Falcon – Everynow and Then
Hell Interface – Trapped
Gladio – Germania Inferior
Drewsky – Wigged Out
Lake Haze – Someone To Love testing the Smackos Lemuria Vintage Sampler Simulator
Ivy’s Hands – Nightfall
Fiume – Tension


27 March

Legowelt in Moldova

This Friday and Saturday I will travel to Moldova for the first time to play in Chișinău! Friday evening I will do a small seminar on music production and Saturday evening I will play a gig at the Bandabar club in Chișinău with legendary DJs Pawel Blot and Floris Vroo! I think you can get tickets here ***** More info on this FB page too!


18 March

An Amatoral Concept, Without Density

A new painting I made this weekend entitled ‘An Amatoral Concept, Without Density’ – a fictional new age composer in his abode – can you spot some of the gear!?!

9 March

Fieldrecording of a North Sea coast forest meadow


A psychoacoustic 8 hour edited field recording of a rainy spring day, may 2018 at a meadow in the ancient Zorgvliet forest between The Hague and Scheveningen, located on the North Sea coast. Pleasant rain showers, a clearing, swaying archaic trees, winds coming in from far lands and distant thunder…so fresh you will smell the forest dew!

For deep relaxation, falling asleep, hyperfocus, studying, tripping out, meditation, anti anxiety, anti-stress, anti-tinitus or turning your urban dwellings into a forest.

I made this as a kind of psychoacoustic experiment – Inspired by the likes of Irving Solomon ‘Irv’ Teibel  (https://www.irvteibel.com ). I often use field recordings of rain, forests, seashores etc. to fall asleep to, especially when sleep is difficult during tours etc. I wanted to make a sort of ‘sleep program’ in which the field recording goes through different phases ‘in sync’ with the ultradian sleep cycle (the different stages of the sleep cycle). Some of the parts are looped, faded in and out according to the different phases of the sleep cycle – A clearing comes after the rain, a light wind comes in, trees start to sway, distant thunder comes closer and the rain returns again – events that occur (very roughly) in time with your brain going into deeper sleep territories. This recording has also been enhanced discretely with theta-wave frequency modulation. Theta waves are brain waves that that neuro-oscillate around 4-7 Hz and are associated with mental relaxation and a positive feeling of well being. In short, this is achieved with a simple audioeffect rack in Ableton where I used some filters that slightly modulate certain parts of the  frequency spectrum with Theta wave frequencies – you won’t notice it but your unconscious brain will…….I guess in theory…I don’t know if it really works just try it…you might be overwhelmed by a wave of pleasant tranquillity.

Download the 8 hour MP3 here (827 Megabytez)

a very Blair Witchian scene at the meadow

The geographical coordinates for this fieldrecording area are aprox.52°05’23.8″N 4°17’18.1″E – 52.089953, 4.288367– Its a fantastic little forest –  with a heavy fairytale gnome vibe, the meadow even has a little old witch house that is used as a bee sanctuary.

can you see the witch house?

6 March

Animistic Beliefs & Legowelt tape release soirée in Amsterdam

This Thursday 7 March there will be a little release ‘soiree’ at Red Light records for the Animistic Beliefs Legowelt AudioSport 8 cassette/documentary thing. Starts at 19:00. With A live set of Anmistic Beliefs and also Me & Pasiphae DJing…See U There!
Oudekerksplein 26 Amsterdam More info on FB here