Heyoooo welcome to Legowelt.org! Running in a dusty corner of the internet since forever ******* OUT NOW -> LEGOWELT's 2020 Pancakes with Mist album on 2x vinyl LP!!! 2 discs of freshly baked polyvinylchloride chuckfull of electro wave Dark Schlager hits!!! Liner notes + all the lyrics on the backside, check out below for more info!!! *********** COMING SOON: ZANDVOORT & UILENBAL - FOLK TRIUMFATOR 2xLP Vinyl version on WEME records more info soon ******* ALSO COMING SOON: THE RETURN OF DICKIE SMABERS with JAMMED FROM THE FIST LP check out below for more informatioin and sound snippets! ***************** Thats it for today Laterzzzzzzz **********

21 August 2020

Ambient Concert in Nijmegen

I will perform an Ambient space trip concert on 18th of September at the open air theatre of the Goffertpark in Nijmegen, organized by Doornroosje. Starts at 19.30.

There are only a limited amount of seats avaible, you can buy and reserve tickets here

This concert will apply to strict covid rules – There are only seats. You are only allowed to sit next to eachother if you are from the same household, otherwise keep 1.5 meter distance.

15 august

Swiss Synthesizer Museum LP Unconditional Countour

The Unconditional Contours album which I made in a residency at the SMEM Swiss Museum for Electronic Isntruments in Fribourg last year  is going to be released for the general public around 2 october. This LP was released last year November already for backers of the museum crowdfunding plan but will now be available in the recordstores.  

Anyways…The SMEM has an amazing collection of more then 5000 synths, keyboards, organs, drummachines, fx machines and more…ranging from a 1930s NOVACHORD to an ELKA Synthex and everything in between. The cool thing is that you can book a date in their playroom and play/record/freak with a selection of the collection yourself. For more information on visiting the collection and booking the playroom check out their website

You can preorder the vinyl and digital here

Some MP3 snippets of the tracks:

Unconditional Contours

Chateaux dans le Ciel Farfisfa Synthorchestra

Swiss Fairytales

Little Music With A Big Synth

Evolution EVS-1 Promars and Prophet 5

A Prophet Vector Synth Dazzling in the Sun

These Phenomena are not well Understood

SMEM23 Digital Clap Trap Promars Prophet

Roxannes Magic Watch

FBT Synther 2000


3 August 2020


We are superproud to present a fresh new all pro videoclip directed and made by Koen van Sommeren Greve for my Pancakes with Mist song, taken from the album with the same name you can get here on bandcamp.  Check it out and don’t forget to like or comment and spread the word 🙂 Double vinyl version of the album is in production and will be in the shops in a few months weeks however long that takes these days. Anyways check out the video on youtube and bandcamp video

25 July

The Second Audition Movie

I did the soundtrack for this Dutch movie called ‘The Second Audition’ directed by the Iranian Dutch director Pouya Gourabi. Its very arthouse and you probably need an IQ of 200 to make head or tail of it. If you are in the USA you can watch it on Amazon here the rest of the world has to wait a bit or maybe you can download it on TORRENTZZZZZZZ

The synopsis goes something like this: After a failed audition for a theatre play an actor is offered a mysterious job in which he has to tail a woman from a well to do family.

I also play a very little role in it! Performing a scene with my Hohner KS49 keyboard (Which is a German version of the CASIO HT700) in some kind of ‘theatre grottesco’  with Guy Schmerzlabor doing some weird stuff. More info about that keyboard and sound snippets here

Here is a trailer of the movie:

30 June 2020

Out now  Legowelt Pancakes with Mist

The brand new Legowelt album on Nightwind Records NW025 get it here at bandcamp!

Here is a little infomercial with snippets of the album and me walking around pointing at stuff in the rain:

17 June 2020

Sammy Osmo Schaduw Horizon album reissue on double vinyl LP

My 2008 Sammy Osmo – ‘Schaduw Horizon’  album is going to be reissued by the London Utter records, coming out in a fancy 2xLP package with lots of extras such as inserts, sticker and a foldable chess set!

Originally released in 2008 on the Strange Life label on a CDR this ice cold Yamaha DX7IID drenched spywave album was very much influenced by real locations in the vicinity of the The Hague dune studio where this was recorded. 

The album has been remastered then transferred and cut by Helmut Erler at D&M. It is housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve that opens to reveal detailed stories behind each track, while the entire back cover is a life-size chess board for any budding Alberts wishing to play a game. A special ‘confidential documents’ envelope completes the package and contains a map of the abandoned zoo, a top secret letter including coordinates of the locations featured in the story, DX7 schematics, foldable chess pieces and a ‘Schaduw Horizon’ sticker.

Pre-order your copy here on the UTTER bandcamp, or the Phonica recordstore, it should be out somewhere in August! Its also available digitally on my Legowelt bandcamp here for free/pay what you want in the meanwhile…

8 June 2020

IFM streaming fest 2020 Legowelt Live set Video online

Here is the video from the Legowelt gig for the Intergalactic FM streaming festival from a few weeks ago! One hour of The Hague electronix freestyle italo scumtechno from the Northsea Institute for the Overmind with lots of Amiga stylooo Dpaint GFX and some of my animations keyed over it. Some of the gear for the trainspotterzzzzzz -> Polyend Tracker prototype – Novation AFX Basstation – EMU EMAX II – lots of modular stuff from Error Instruments &  Das Ding’s HSTA brands, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Roland KIWI 106 and lots more. 

27 May 2020

New Paintings For Sale

Time to expand or start your art collection! I am selling some paintings that were used in the Secrets After Dreams animationvideoclip from earlier this year. The paintings ared 24 by 32 centimeters and come in a high quality cherrymarble wood colored frame, I guess I can make some giclée art prints too if someone wants them…more info in the gallery section! 






15 May 2020

Intergalactic FM streaming festival 2020 is on!

This whole weekend more then 75 artists are streaming at the INTERGALACTIC.FM online festival. Tune in here -> www.intergalactic.fm

As with the real festival the line up is rag-tag and there is occasionaly a scrolling bar in the video which sais who is going to play in the next few hours.

I do a liveset too with lots of psychedelic computer GFX genlocked over the video, when it is aired I dunno -> keep watching the INTERGALACTIC.FM streaming fest and you will see 🙂 

“As you know the physical festival has been cancelled for the weekend of May 21st. But since we’re one of the web’s oldest streaming organizations we came up with an alternative and asked everybody who was supposed to come (and more) to record a special performance for this alternative festival.

The response has been insane and we expect at least 75+ hours of special content from electronic rockers from all over the galaxy!

The line-up is truly a dream come true and you can keep track of it via this site: https://www.intergalactic.fm/ifmfestvisitors2020/

The event will be exclusively broadcasted via 2 channels: CBSTV and Dream Machine TV @ www.Intergalactic.fm.

The event is starting Thursday May 21st at 1600 Central Intergalactic Time (CIT) and nobody knows when it will end since we’ll keep stuff running giving everybody a chance to tune in at some point. (And if the whole shizzkebap falls apart we’ll rebuild it again :)”

So get some snacks, sparkling water, booze, roll a few up or whatever and exprience the IFM festival in your own dwellings!

12 May 2020

Calimex Mental Implant Corporation 2xLP Back in Stock

The 2015 Calimex Mental Implant Corporation 2xLP on Nightwind Records is back in the stock in some shops if you don’t have a copy yet go check it out!

From the Bleep.com website:
“an album of bonkers electro rooted house and techno on his Nightwind Records imprint. El Saber Del Arpavor is a particularly melodic listen, containing warm house music, boogie-funk electro, and downtempo instrumental balladry. Each track carries the distinctive analogue synthesizer sound that has become Wolfers’ sonic trademark, and shows that there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon. Basically this is prime time Legowelt action, deep swinging electro and hip-hop styles with a psychedelic edge that can only come from one D. Wolfers”

The release is also on bandcamp for pay what you want here!

get the vinyl at the following shops:


CLONE Holland


and probably some other stores around the world too…

Listen to the tracks here: