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29 May 2018

Cosmic Force Legowelt & Orgue Electronique track out on 12

A few years ago, on a rainy late summer afternoon, me and Orgue visited Cosmic Force’s Sonar Traffic studios in a very nice attic in the old town center of Utrecht – we recorded this G-funk-esque electro track which has been released on vinyl on the newest Cosmic Force EP – get it at clone or your local dealer!

Here is a little making of video too…can you spot all the synths in the studio!?!?!?!

29 May 2018

Legowelt in Helsinki Finland

Its been a while but this Friday 1st of June I return to Helsinki Finland to play at THE CELLAR Puttes – > Kalevankatu 6 ! I will DJ alongside the legendary Perttu Häkkinen, Kristiina Männikkö and Stiletti Ana – See You there my fellow Finnish freaks! More info here (FB)

16 may 2018

Fresh Nightwind Records Artwork

‘The Gates Of Paradise Are Open For Everyone’ fineliner and watercolors artwork for new Cassettetape on Nightwind records coming soon

15 may 2018

Clone Rinse FM radio takeover with Legowelt

Here is the recording of the Clone Rinse FM radio takeover with legowelt from this last Saturday! You can find the other shows by Clone related artists such as Dopplereffekt, Alexi Perala, Serge, Alden Tyrell,  Gerd, Duplex and lots more here


Space D05 Synth Sequence
Detroit In Effect – CLONE TAKEOVER theme
Vivian Jones – Nyah Bingi
Eden Ahbez – La Mar
J Dilla – Motor City 1
Legowelt – Your life goal is slowly slipping away
Wolfram – Sirrocco
Haruomi Hosono – Sports men
John Maus – Music
Degrees Of Freedom – August Is An Angel Smackos 808 mix
Echo 106 – Nightfall Call
Geneva Jacuzzi – Love Caboose
Hissman – Hardmoon’s Theme
Blackboxx – A1
Seefeel – Fracture
Elektroids – Japanese Electronics
Sweely – Raw Thoughts
Z.Zerfall – Venturing In This World Hand In Hand
The Land Is Entranced With Peace

15 May 2018

Intergalactic FM Festival 2018 & Georgia this weekend!

Friday 18th of May I play at the Intergalactic FM festival in The Hague – probably the coolest festival in the world-> tickets & visitor info here – The line up is crazy from Electronome to Orgue Electronique and everything in between and beyond!

Saturday 19th of May we remain space based (pun intended) as I fly to Georgia to stir up the rave revolution and play an abandoned Soviet satellite space base in the Saguramo mountain range. I will be playing with Boston 168, The Hacker and more! More info here

9 may 2018

Clone Takes Over The London Airwaves on Rinse FM

London freaks – This Saturday 12 May set your old school radio to 106.8 MhZ FM (or tune in online ) and experience the 12 HOUR CLONE RECORDS takeover – starting at 12:00 noon (13:00 The Hague C.E.T. time) till midnight – with a whole bunch of Clone related artists from all over the world! 

8 may 2018

Legowelt in the Villa Oslo Norway This Wednesday

This wednesday  9 May (Thats tommorow 😉 ) Legowelt live in the Villa Oslo Norway ! More info and RSVP tickets here

27 April

Legowelt in Santiago de Chile

This Wednesday 2 May Legowelt will play live in Santiago de Chile for the very first time ever – at the budx boilerroom Santiago – a 2 day festival with Honey Dijon – Veronica Vasciska – Kenny Dope and lots more!  more information here (FB)

24 April 2018

The Masterpiece Society DJ Mix

A Fresh all new Legowelt DJ mix! check it out on soundcloud:


Guccigate – Fuck Cops
Betonkust & Palmbomen II – 24×33
Coco aᴚoᵯᴃ – Natalie Natalia
Modo – Niagara Falls
Lady Blacktronika – A Lonely Spaceprogram Who Doctor
Delroy Edwards – Killer Charlie
Los Paranos – Living On A Red Line
Bergsonist – Control Over The System
Sir Lord Commix – Pieces Of A Dream
Cellophane – Gimme Love
Luke Eargoggle – Find A Land
Chicago Jim – Chicago Jim LP
Jason Hogans – Worm Never Dies
Innershades – Revenge
Terrence Dixon – Detroit City At Night
Unovidual – Comme Je Suis (Sammo SynthB remix)
Jin Cromanyon ボタニカルな君に
Lost Soul Enterprises – Technology is Garbage
Legowelt – I Have Seen Other Worlds
We R Tuesday Nights Vol.4 edits by Mike Dunn
Hieroglyphic Being – No More Fears Box Version
Annette – Dream 17
Funk Logic – Black  Napoleon
The J.B’s – Theme From King Heroin


19 April 2018

Legowelt in Paris

This Saturday 21 april, or rather sunday morning I DJ from 5.30 till 9.30 at the Concrete In Paris. See you there!!! Tickets and info here