Hellooooo welcome to the official Legowelt website running in deep dark corner of the internet since 1998 - See Legowelt live this saturday in The Hague Holland at the Koninklijke schouwburg with Ron Morelli - Inga Mauer - Marie Davidson - Laurel Halo - Aleksi Peralla and lots more!!! Next week I'll play at the Dekmantel Sao Paulo Brazil with Interstellar Funk - Palmbomen - Shanti Celeste - DJ Bone + lots more....some upcoming gigs the next coming months: Vienna - Frankfurt - Los Angeles - New York - Paris - The Hague 25 years of Bunker records at the PIP - Edinburough and more more info in the agenda section soon! ******** As you might have seen below there will be a new Legowelt album on Clone Records called "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time" it should be out around the 30th of october and will come on 2x vinyl LP ******** If you are using Ableton check out the SMACKOS CARAMEL CHORUS DRIVE fxrack plugin below -> a raw chorus effect to sparkle some spice over banal sounding tracks or whatever ****** Well thats it for today laterzzzzzzzz!!!!! ***************

Thank U Australia



6 June

Legowelt Australia / Tasmania Tour

15  May

Legowelt in Tokyo Japan

This saturday 20 may I will return to Tokyo to play a gig at the
contact club with Young Marco on the decks

See you there!!!

Waves Of The Westcoast Sound Documentary

Cool documentary series about the history of the The Hague electro-nix scene

5 April 2017

Legowelt in Warzawa Poland

Saturday 8 April I will do a DJ set in Warzawa Poland
With Seltron 400, Charlie and Virtual Geisha
More information here!

21 February

Legowelt in St.Petersburg – Rotterdam Brussels

A little hopping around in europe this weekend!!!

starting Thursday 23rd of February Legowelt DJs at the
Artplay festival in St.Petersburg Russia
with Ron Morelli – Inga Mauer – Silent Servant and lots more!!!
more info here

24th of February I will DJ at the legendary BAR club in Rotterdam
starting off the CLONE RETURN TO THE FUTURE 25th anniversary tour!!!
with Space Dimension Controller, John Heckle, Gerd, Project Pablo and more
more info here

25th of February I will play a live set in the FUSE club in Brussels Belgium!!!
with Serge, Gerd and lots more!!!
more info here

See You There!

13 February

Legowelt’s TEAC LIFE on Bandcamp

This is a digital re-release on bandcamp of my TEAC LIFE album I released as a free
MP3 download on my  website in 2011.

Lots of people are always asking where they can get a high quality wav version so I decided to put it here on my bandcamp and make it NIGHTWIND RECORDS NW012.
It also available as FLAC, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, ACC, MP3 and other formats.

I made some fresh artwork so it fits in the Nightwind catalogue and added a bunch of tracks  that were produced in the same flow but didnt make it on the original TEAC LIFE album.

If you want it on vinyl there was a quadruple 4xLP version pressed in 2012 and a re-release  on colored vinyl in 2013 if I remember correctly, I am sure you can find a copy if you dig a little around because they pressed quite a lot. I think the colored versions were also sold as individual 12″s.

Made entirely on a Yamaha RM1X sequencer and Juno 106 in my old studio in the dunes of Scheveningen on the North Sea coast. Recorded on an old TEAC (Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company) recorder, hence the title.

Like the original album this one is free,you can pay what you want ofrourse if you like it it

check it out here


Smackos A Vampire Goes West

Out now on Nightwind records, available on cassette, CD & digital formats.

Legowelt’s cult ambient alias SMACKOS returns after 7 years with a new album called ‘A Vampire Goes West’. An all out smackos ‘amateur space jazz meets professional ambient’ experience clocking in at almost 80 minutes. Recorded in complete seclusion in the course of last christmas throughout the early days of the new year at his home studio on the North Sea coast.
Available digitally on bandcamp
Cassette & CD available at Clone & Juno records or your local dealer.
released January 23, 2017