Heyooo welcome to Legowelt.org ********** let's all bubble up in cyberspace -> sending extra NRG to all nurses, doctors, medical workers, cleaners, postpeople, publictransporteers, grocery store works and all other people that mantain our infrastructure!!!!!!! meanwhile keep safe and sane and we will perservere!!!!!!! Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz ************

24 March

Live Transmission From The North Sea Institute For The Overmind

yesterday I did a little live performance stream from my studio for the Octopus Agents Octo-Live-Stream to raise money for the Voedselbanken Nederland (Food Bank Holland) who supply food to people in need, which is especially now an organization that is needed. Ofcourse this was focused for Dutch people if you are somewhere else in the world you can always help out your local food bank – or do something else to help, get groceries for people that can’t go out or have to work in the hospitals, walk people’s dogs, make sure they are OK etc.etc.etc. Don’t be a dumbass hoarding toilet paper & pasta help others instead!!! Keep up the hygiene, keep distance and stay safe!!!!!!!!


Joining the bandcamp craze -> Legowelt’s TIPS FOR LIFE’ a 12 track album with all sorts of stuff ranging from Memphis Rapbeats to Poldertechno is out now on Nightwind Records.

Get it here for free on bandcamp

If you can and have $$$ to spare, please browse all weekend on bandcamp and buy lots of albums from artists that really need support now since bandcamp is dropping their purchase fee (which isn’t much normally too btw)…That means all the money goes straight to the artists.  I am in a pretty ok situation and therefore the album is free/pay what you want -> to hopefully brighten your coming days up a bit. I probably make some tapes too in the future and maybe drop it on vinyl when things are running a bit more smoothly again. Stay safe and keep sane!!!

Listen here:

18 March


For all producers, musicians and freaks both amateur and professional -> Here is a new fresh sample pack with 300+ 16 bit wav samples from the QUASIMIDI SIRIUS, a fun German digital synthesizer from 1998. The sample pack is free and you can use it for whatever you want. Load them up in your Ableton, Fruityloops, Octamed, Tracker, MPC, Electribe, Electron whatever you use. I put everything in folders this time : Drums (with Basedrums, Snaredrums, Hats and percussion) Synth sounds & Pads folders.

A track made with the QuasiMIDI Sirius (except the voice sample ofcourse):

Soundwise the SIRIUS reminds us of a hybrid between a Sequential Prophet VS and Waldorf Q, It definitely has some characteristic ‘ironclad’ body in its sounds with the usual ‘warm’ digital artefacts going about.  Its the de facto keyboard version of the Rave-O-Lution 309 groovebox so there are lots and lots of drumsounds – enough kicks, snaredrums and hihats for years. The synthesis engine is not too exciting: 1 oscillator with 100 or so digital waveforms going though a 12/24 lowpass or a highpass filter. Two envelope generators for the filter and Amplifier, 1 LFO assignable to some stuff…all very simple but the SIRIUS has enough character to hold its own…its a bit weird and different…..It also looks reaallly &&&&&**$ cool. If you want to know more about this synth check the wikipedia article and there is the legendary WC OLO GARB webpage and movies playing this synth

This QUASIMIDI SIRIUS was in the closet for some time here because I thought it was broken. When I turned it on the sounds were very quiet and digital grainy noise was all over the place. In the end this was all very easy to fix by just doing a factory reset!  (Hold write when turning it on) The SIRIUS was blasting its waves loud and clear again!

A lot of people always ask me if they can use the samples in their productions that are going to be released – the answer is ofcourse YES ! Thats why I make them..I know many artists use these samples in all kinds of music styles and that makes me happy. if you make a million$$$$$ hit with the samples you can always send me a bit 😉 What I don’t want are people SELLING the samples themselves, unfortunately some lame tool from the USA did that last year – the samples are free and should remain so. Also when you link/share the samples use this page link (http://legowelt.org/legowelt-quasimidi-sirius-sample-pack/) so people see my website too, and don’t link directly to the wetransfer link (also that wetransfer link adress changes sometimes so you might end up with a not found link)

DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PACK HERE (120,1 Megabytezzzzzzzzzzz)

I hope this takes your mind off a bit in the current world situation…I will try to update the website with new stuff for you a bit more in these times – sending extra NRG to all nurses, doctors, medical workers, cleaners, postpeople, public transport workers, grocery supermarket workers, people that mantain our infrastructure and everyone that needs it!!!!!!! take care and we WILL PERSEVERE!


26 February

Sammy Osmo Schaduw Horizon Sweaters at Clone

The much coveted Sammy Osmo Schaduw Horizon sweater is available at Clone again in S, M & L sizes.

A commodore PET, A russian submarine, Svalbard, a Chimp, a Siamese cat and a sexy computer programmer all on one sweater! With this apparel you will always be at the center of attention at social gatherings as people will ask you what the hell is going on with your sweater -> you will attract a broad range of interesting personas from retro computer lovers, primatologists, submarine specialists, cat ladies and hyperborian esoterics among many others! From there its just a matter of time before you climb your social ladder to succes, all thanks to this sweater!

The Sammy Osmo Schaduw Horizon album itself was originally released in 2008 on CD and is going to be re-released on double vinyl LP this year on the English Utter records soon. You can get the digital bandcamp version here

21 February 2020

Secrets After Dreams available now

Finally in stock at Clone Records (and it will be hitting other stores anytime soon now) -> my Legowelt – Secrets After Dreams LP – on pink vinyl – technically speaking its not an LP because its 45rpm on both sides for extreme hifi audio quality – but still almost clocking in at half an hour of music due to the cutting edge mastering techniques of vinyl alchemist Alek Stark. Comes with full color sleeve -> This piece of vinyl can be yours forever here 

Also if you haven’t checked out the videoclip I made for it check that out here!

The digital version is available here on bandcamp

21 February

Legowelt in London

This Saturday 22 February I will play a GLADIO live gig at the Corsica Studios in London – also playing: the one and only ELECTRONOME, TLR, Intergalactic Gary, Sync24, Cosmox, Gamma Intel and lots more!!! See U there!!! Tickets and info here

12 February 2020

Legowelt L.I.E.S. Podcast DJ Mix

I made a DJ mix for the L.I.E.S records podcast series -> 90+ minutes of stuff all over the place: memphis rapbeats, the hague sewer trax, PPU gfunk, electro cyber cumbia, psychotic doom electro, Poldertechno, Amiga1200beats etc.etc.etc.


Smackos – An Amatoral Concept Without Density
Buckshotz – Droppin Bombz
Mack Daddy Ju -My HEad is Spinnin
Ultradyne – 1264
Gladio Battle Beat unreleased
36mafia – Ooooh Nuthing Instrumental
Baglover – Generations of A (accapella)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – The Enemy
Dreamcast & Sasac- Liquid Deep PPU083
Pancakes with Mist – Slow Taper
Mal – A Letter From Yellowland
F.Mavelli – Looking For Suspects
Hondsebosse Zeewering – Croky Droom
Gladio – Nova Machina Industria

Acidic Male – Samehate
Passarani 2099 – It Will be What it Was
Duckie Dumpling & the Like Whatevers – Malicious Techno Gossip
Vatican Shadow – Chopper Crash Marines Names Released
VDD-Energise – 20 sec. of Flar
Huren Kaltbruchig aciddeath – Lands Without
Baglover – Animale Man
Group A – 70+a= LP
Gene Hunt – After School
Thomas Leer – Private Plane
Gladio unreleased
Sparkwave – Loading The Machine
Drexciya – Water Walker
Franziska Lantz – Give Air
Hieroglyphic Being – Side 2 Side
X-Plain – Bunker 018


3 February 2020

Legowelt live score on synths for 2001 A Space Odyssey

This Friday 7 February I will do live soundtrack performance on synthesizers for 2001 A Space Odyssey at the Grauzone festival in The Hague The Netherlands – also playing Test Department, Group A, Thurston Moore Group, Damo Suzuki and lots more! The movie screening is at 21:15 till 23:15 at the Koorenhuis The Hague. More info & Tickets here!

24 January 2020

Legowelt in Copenhagen Denmark

This Saturday 25 January I will play a live performance in Copenhagen Denmark at the Ved Siden Af club! More info and tickets here Come and say hello -> See you there!!!