Welcome to Legowelt.org running in a dusty corner of cyberspace since forever ********* We got a bunch of records out, they all came out at the same time because of clogged pressing plants etc. first up is the LEGOWELT - PANCAKES WITH MIST 2xLP on NIGHTWIND records, second there is the ZANDVOORT & UILENBAL - FOLK TRIUMFATOR 2xLP on WEME records and thirdly there is the DICKIE SMABERS - JAMMED FROM THE FIST 2xLP on UNKNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN records...all together 6 slices of thick vinyl for your collection!!!! ********************* Later this week or this weekend I will anounce the 2021 LEGOWELT ART COMPETITION - the succesor the 2016 Legowelt drawing competition - anyone can enter so start sharpening those pencils, clean your brushes or shake your graffiti cans!!! Keep an eye out for that below soon!!! *********************** Thats it for today! Laterzzzzzzzzzz ***************************

12 February 2020

Legowelt L.I.E.S. Podcast DJ Mix

I made a DJ mix for the L.I.E.S records podcast series -> 90+ minutes of stuff all over the place: memphis rapbeats, the hague sewer trax, PPU gfunk, electro cyber cumbia, psychotic doom electro, Poldertechno, Amiga1200beats etc.etc.etc.


Smackos – An Amatoral Concept Without Density
Buckshotz – Droppin Bombz
Mack Daddy Ju -My HEad is Spinnin
Ultradyne – 1264
Gladio Battle Beat unreleased
36mafia – Ooooh Nuthing Instrumental
Baglover – Generations of A (accapella)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – The Enemy
Dreamcast & Sasac- Liquid Deep PPU083
Pancakes with Mist – Slow Taper
Mal – A Letter From Yellowland
F.Mavelli – Looking For Suspects
Hondsebosse Zeewering – Croky Droom
Gladio – Nova Machina Industria

Acidic Male – Samehate
Passarani 2099 – It Will be What it Was
Duckie Dumpling & the Like Whatevers – Malicious Techno Gossip
Vatican Shadow – Chopper Crash Marines Names Released
VDD-Energise – 20 sec. of Flar
Huren Kaltbruchig aciddeath – Lands Without
Baglover – Animale Man
Group A – 70+a= LP
Gene Hunt – After School
Thomas Leer – Private Plane
Gladio unreleased
Sparkwave – Loading The Machine
Drexciya – Water Walker
Franziska Lantz – Give Air
Hieroglyphic Being – Side 2 Side
X-Plain – Bunker 018