Welcome to LEGOWELT.ORG keeping the internet freaky since 1998 ********* This Friday 24 MAY Legowelt presents GLADIO LIVE at Gewolbe in COLOGNE GERMANY more info below soon ********** Out any time now : GLADIO - MEANS TO FREEDOM LP on LIES records - a fresh new GLADIO album check snippets below! ******** To see where I am playing the next couple of months check out the agenda section ----------> I'l be heading out to Australia, Mexico, Colombia and lots of other places! ************ Next week Friday 31 May there will be a small exhibition of my paintings at the Grey Space in The Hague part of the opening of the CRAVE festival more info on that soon! *********** Ok thats it for today Laterzzzzzzzzz ************

My Paintings

Here are some paintings I made. For fan-art and the 2016 drawing competition artworks click on this link!

‘A Room On The Seaside, circa 1994’ 2019


‘1979 Synthesizer Showroom Toyko, Rainseason’ 2019


‘Kaufmann House, 19 Million Dollars’ 2018


‘My Life In Abbot Cove I’ 2019


‘Origin of the Domestic Dog’ 2019



‘An Amatoral Concept, Without Density’ 2019


‘The Star Shepherd guiding his flock through Palm Springs’ 2018


‘Earthbound’ 2018


‘The Gates Of Heaven Are Open To Everyone’ 2018


‘Interrupted Breakfast At Loch Ness Shore’ 2017