Heyooo welcome to legowelt.org -------> Out soon on vinyl LP etc. : THE OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME ALBUM gatefold triple vinyl repress of the 2014 Nightwind records cult ambient album, coming on the australian SOLANDER records (same label that did the OBERHEIM SPACE repress last year) - also coming out finally that album I made at the Swiss Museum for Electronic Instruments earlier this year in the quaint town of Fribourg...its called 'Uncondtional Countours'...and also a double vinyl repress of SAMMY OSMO's SCHADUW HORIZON album on the English Utter records...like usual due to unforesoon currents in our time space continuum this probably will come out all at the same time ************ See Legowelt play in Mexico & Colombia the next weeks -> This Friday 23rd of August I will play a GLADIO live show in MEXICO CITY CDMX Saturday 24th of August I will travel to TULUM to play at a place called PPP next up 30th of August I will play in Medellin at the Sala Amador and 31th of August I will play 2 gigs in BOGOTA -> In the afternoon I will play at the Museum de Arte Moderno de Bogota (MAMBO) and in the evening I will play a GLADIO show at the legendary VIDEO club!!! See you there!!! ************** If you haven't checked it out yet there is a new episode of the Shadow Wolf Radio show see below!!! ******** ok thats it for today laterszzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****************

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Most of them come with all sorts of digital extras – PDF scans of the included zines, comic books, photographs etc.etc.etc.

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