welcome to legowelt.org the official homepage of musician and artist Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt!!! ********* Thanks Tokyo and Thailand crowds for the wonderful shows!!!!!!!! I hope to be back soon !!!!! ****** next gig is in VILNIUS Lithuania at GALLERY86 Saturday 26 November!!!!!! ********* Some releases out very soon: Vinyl version of NODA & WOLFERS Tascam Space Season LP ******* HERMIT IN A RAVE CAVE EP1 on Clone records and digital version of the Philosophy of Tracking LP !!!!! *********** OK that's it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzz *****************

22 September 2022

Legowelt Jupiter 8 Sample Pack

500 wav samples from Legowelt’s Jupiter 8 synthesizer for you to use in your own music productions! Synths, Pads, FX, Basses, Leads, Arpeggios and more!!! Load them up in your Fruityloops, Ableton, Polyend Tracker, MPC, Electribe, Octatrack, SP404, OP1, Octamed, Protracker whatever sampler/synth/software you use and start making music! The Roland Jupiter 8 doesn’t need any introduction – perhaps the most legendary Japanese polyphonic analog synthesizer in history – Its dreamy and powerfull sound is instantly recognizable. Now available at your fingertips for free without splashing out 20000$ or whatever these things cost nowadays.

The sample pack is free to download – a donation via paypal is always welcome and will give you eternal sonic karma and musical salvation. You can donate via the button or QR code below:

Ofcourse instead of a donation you can also buy my music on my bandcamp page

Download the pack here (216 Megabytezzz)

5 September 2022


Heyyyy it is the Belgium premiere of my animation film with live soundtrack this Saturday 10 September at the SHHH Monokino experimental film festival by the sea! 

At the Elysée theatre, Christinastraat 18,  Oostende 

Tickets here (Choose  SHHH 2022 – live sets – Concert Zaterdagavond Elysée )

Starts at 20:00 See you there!!!

The day before I play a Legowelt live set in WUPPERTAL Germany at the MAUKE club!


30 August 2022



Out now: Zadik Zechariah – Kurdish Melodies Remixes Vinyl 12″

This one has been in the shops for a few weeks already but I didn’t have the time yet to post about it here so here we go…..get it at clone or your local recordstore!

Our story begins in Jerusalem 1980 – Zadik Zecharia – a folk musician whose speciality is the Zorna – a traditional kurdish woodwind instrument – recorded a cassette of kurdish melodies played on Zorna and Dola, a kurdish drum.

The tape was released independently and distributed mainly around the kurdish-jewish community in Israel. Zadik mostly performed at weddings and celebrations and was also known by the nickname “Iron Lungs”, because of his ability to take only a few pauses for breath during his long gigs.

In 2005, one tape found its way to “Something on the Road” – an underground CD-r Jerusalem based label which reissued the music on CD-r. Overnight, these intense melodies became a cult phenomena in the underground circles of Jerusalem and beyond. The kurdish melodies could suddenly be heard during dj sets, topping electronic beats, or adding drones to heavy experimental sessions. which later led “Something on the Road’s” founder to initiate a remix compilation with Jerusalem’s nest producers. One of them Mule Driver. The remix has became a cult by its own.

Fast forward to present time, a conversation with Legowelt about folk music led Mule Driver to dig an unreleased longer version of this techno remix. As well as ask him for his interpretation, that turned out as a killer acid track followed by an EBM – electro belter by Juju (Juju and Jordash) and PRZ (Clone).

29 August 2022

Legowelt in Scotland

GLASGOW this FRIDAY!!! September 2 I return to the Berkeley Suite for a live set 
SEE U THERE!!! Tickets and info here

For more upcoming gigs check out the agenda section!

22 August 2022



 And now for something completely different….I worked together with internet art pioneer Rafaël Roozendaal on a generative art project called POLYCHROME MUSIC which will be released in an edition of 400 pieces this Wednesday 24th of August on artblocks.io
(click on the pix above for sample output videos)

For this project I designed a generative music system that conjures an infinite composition on 3 different audio channels, each with their own synthesizer. These randomly generate simple musical timbres inspired by early computer sound chips which interact with the visuals from Rafaël. 🌴 The music itself is generated by randomly selecting 3 patterns out of a pool of 180. These patterns, which are little 8-bar music pieces, were written in the same C# Dorian scale so they always fit together. This is a pleasant sounding minor and colorful scale that I believe fits the general vibe of Rafaël’s work. 🌲 Composition wise, channel 1 plays the bassline and channels 2 and 3 the melody, countermelody, arpeggios and harmonies. 🌳 The system changes the patterns each time they are played, reversing, speeding up or slowing down the pattern or changing the synthesizer channel they are played on. In essence the system infinitely randomly remixes the source melodies to create ever new surprising pieces that harmonize with the colorful compositions. 👈

Here is an interview with me and Rafaël Roozendaal about this project by Jeff Davis

Some snazzy quotes from the artblocks curation board:

“Polychrome Music exhibits amazing generative audio and great connection between visual and sound. The sound feels explorative and even as the composition stretched, there is dimension in the movement. The infinite nature of the audio makes the project promising and appealing.”

“Polychrome Music is completely and throughly engaging. The project employs fantastic retro inspired techno beats and hugely effective color composition and creation of perspective. Brings me to early coding & the earliest of program making with DOS.”

“There is a lot to like here. The sounds and visuals have excellent variety and fit both Rafaël and Legowelt’s aesthetics well. I see the blending of music and animation exhibited in this project being influential on the future direction of generative art.”

Legowelt in New York

20 August PARAGON 990 Broadway Brooklyn, NY

Tickets here

25 July 2022



2 more screenings of my Ambient Trip Commander animation film this week with live soundtrack – 28th july in Rotterdam at the Nieuwe Instituut, Museum Park for the Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival and 29th July in Pristina Kosovo at the Kino Armata. I also play a ‘normal’ gig in Kosovo the same night at the RE:FORM festival. I made a little trailer for these 2 screenings with some random scenes of the movie above…See U There!!!

Tickets for the Rotterdam screening here SOLD OUT

Info for the Kosovo screening here (FB) 

The location in Rotterdam is the supercool pink rooftop of Het Nieuwe Instituut building:


16 July 2022

Studio Tour 2022

A recent 2022 ‘walkthrough’ of some of my instruments in my new studio. From garbage found at the local thriftstore to a shiny sparkling Prophet 5 and all sorts of stuff in between. I don’t really have a name yet for this place but sooner or later I will think up something…This is the 2nd part of that Ambient Trip Commander Animation film scoring docu that was out last month…BTW besides Etc: There is going to be screenings with live soundtrack of that animation in Rotterdam (28 july at the Roffa Mon Amour Film festival ) and Pristina Kosovo (29 July At the Kino Armata Cinema) and sure some other places in the future…Ok thats it for today LATERZZZZZZZZZZZ



Mystica Tribe & Legowelt present

Noda & Wolfers ‘Tascam Space Season’ album


Something special on Nightwind records: Last December I met up with Japansese digital dub legend Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe to produce this Far East style heavy digital dub album. Custom made lo-fi oozing echo effects transform synthesizers and drummachines into a comforting mist of arcane sludge, laced with Taka Noda’s enchanting melodica playing.

Available at the Legowelt bandcamp, check it out below!

Also a little ‘videoclip’ with an animation I made to hype it up: