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DRUID II THEME Cover on a JVC KB700 Keyboard Synth

I tried to attain a bit of Druid atmosphere deep in my back garden near an ancient monastry wall

In the realm of obscure early 80s keyboard synths we have attained a HOLY GRAIL. Many hifi brands had synth or keyboard ranges, Technics, Phillips, but also HIFI VHS videorecorder consortium JVC had a keyboard line…


The wonderment already begins with just looking at the machine. Creamy white, more buttons and blinking lights then you can handle, retro COMPUTER FONTS, stylishly embossed speakers -pure bliss for any synth keyboard dork

The most striking feature is this black plastic glass lid. Functioning as a sheet music stand once opened, it also gives you access to all kinds of buttons and parameters.

The wonderment doesn’t stop yet, words of a pure psychedelic poetic beauty grace this keyboard: FASCINATING CHORD  – MAGIC FOOT SELECTOR COMPUCORDER are but a few examples of word choices.

So it is definitely a LOOKER …Soundwise its Minimal wave bliss all the way…..with a snappy analog and funky build in rhythm box, the usual auto accomp-chord stuff, unstable yet characteristic neurotic strings, funky solo synths and not too bad pianos.

Check out this cover of David M. Hanlon’s “DRUID II – Enlightenment” theme played on the JVC…all sound are from there, with a littlebit of delay and I driven the mixer a bit hot to get an even more FAUL sound:

A bit more info on this music: David M.Hanlon composed the original in 1987 for the videogame soundtrack of DRUID II: Enlightenment on the Commodore 64 – It is considered a bonafide Commodore 64 music classic with its incredible minimalistic sad melancholic stirring melodies. check it out below:

Some more PIX:


The  JVC KB700 with its lid closed

26 May

Legowelt Live in Odessa

Saturday 1st of June Legowelt will play live in Odessa Ukraine for the very first time!  At Sub Unit PORT club – tickets and info here (FB link). Check out that cool flyer they drew 🙂

24 May

New Painting

‘A room by the Seaside, Circa 1994’ check my other paintings in the gallery section here

Next Friday 31st of May there will be an exhibition of my and other artist’s paintings at the Grey Space gallery – Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague. This is part of the ‘Uit Het Gareel’ event which is also part of the CRAVE Festival which will be happening that weekend.  It will open at 16:00 with an official ‘grand’ opening at 20:00 till 22:30 ish – after that there is a party with Animistic Beliefs & Sterk Water playing live and other artists DJing! Come and say hello!!!


23 May

Legowelt plays GLADIO live in Cologne Germany this Friday

This Friday 24 May I will play a GLADIO live show at the GEWöLBE in Köln!

The new GLADIO album ‘MEANS TO FREEDOM’ is out any moment on L.I.E.S. records, if you haven’t checked it out yet listen to the snipps here on SC or check a few posts down below:


More info here (FB link)! See You There!!!

21 May

Novation Summit Synth Stuff

I am programming some factory patches for the upcoming Novation SUMMIT synthesizer,  AKA The Twin Peaks, AKA the Oxford Toblerone AKA The British Jupiheim. Here are some pix and MP3 sound snippets for all the synth lovers, just going through some of the patches with arpeggios, pads, amateur space jazz riffs and uplifting drones, all straight from the Summit no external FX:


Novation Summit 1

Some sweet jazzy synth plucks, succulent arpeggios, synthesized choirs etc.


Novation Summit 2

Strings with multimode filter, mucking about with the knobs using the delay at maximum setting as a looper


Novation Summit 3

Almost SID like PWM with dreamy polysynth and a brief selection of some patches


Download the MP3s as a ZIP file (79.2 Megabytez)

Some more hot pix:



The Summit is the brainchild of veteran synth designer Chris Hugget who invented some mythical synths such as the Electronic Dream Plant WASP and the Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar. Here is a cool pic of him from the 1980s:

15 May

Legowelt Live In Barcelona

This Saturday 18 May I play live at Sala Razzmatazz The Loft Barcelona for the Phonica records London party – tickets here!

11 May

Legowelt In Dresden Germany

Tonight Saturday 11 May Legowelt presents GLADIO Live at Equilibrium Festival at the SEKTOR EVOLUTION club Dresden Germany – with a lot of other artists playing check it out here for more info

See You There!!!

3 May

Shadow Wolf Radio Episode IV Playlist

If you missed the broadcast here is the soundcloud version:

If you want to download the mp3 you can do that at hotmixes.net

Playlist Shadow Wolf Radio Episode IV (Broadcasted 3 May 2019):
($ = bandcamp link if existing, info = discogs link or something else)

Ben Daglish – Blood Valley
Crime Stopper – Drugs Addiction 
Body Withouth Organs – Dada Kabbalah $
The Trash Company = Cinnamon $
Bookworms – Outdoor $
Micheal E – Beat On The Drums $
Betonkust – Because I want to Fit In $
Kraftwerk – Cybernetic Interface 
Jeans – NohzDyve $
Ultradyne – We Are Eternal – The Return Of The Five info
Fauli – Jugend Unsin Tape track
Werner Karloff – Shadows $
Roy Garrett & Man Parrish- Hot Rod To Hell track $
Ben Daglish – Hades Nebula
Endfest – Bus 53
Acid Improvisation +House Nation Original Version $
Gladio – Battle Of The Tyreems
Lady Blacktronika – Who Gets Your Love info
Luke Eargoggle – Automatic Voyage
Analogous Doom – The Third Decenate
Gladio – Olympus Panspermia



30 April

USA Tour this weekend

heading out to the USA this weekend to play the following cities:

3 April The Goodroom – Brooklyn New York with Entro Senestre, DJ Richard, E-Saggila, L.Sangre and many more!!! – more info and tickets here

4 April Legowelt presents GLADIO Live at Into the Woods warehouse – Los Angeles
with The Hacker and Maheras – more info and tickets here

5 April MUTEK Festival San Francisco more info and tickets here

See you there!