Heyooooooooo wassup welcome to legowelt.org running in a dusty bubbled up corner of cyberspace since the beginning of time ******* Thanks everyone that came out to the Tivoli Vredenburg gig it was a lot of fun, I put some pix down here!!! ***** Next gig if everything goes smooth is in Berlin Germany 27th of August more info in the agenda section ********* Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12 April 2021

Legowelt DJ MIX on RINSE FM

A little DJ Mix as broadcasted 1st April on RINSE FM London 106.3 FM for DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown radioshow


Chevalier de Barbaras – My Name is Chevalier
הברווזים החבוטים – Into the Valley of Smack
Legowelt – Novation Circuit Tracks build in Demo

Mono Junk – Won’t u leave love to me
Delroy Edwards – Killer Charlie
David Vunk – Kievietslaan 25
Dickie Smabers – Pompy The Robodoll
Legowelt – Edelweiss Reingold
Chupacabras Acid Freq. – Shitting the Floor
Chevalier de Barbaras – The Chevalier Challenges
Parris Mitchell – The Worm
Dickie Smabers – Sweeping the D&R
AUX 88 – Erase the Time
Franziska Lantz – Run For It
The Speedfreak – Fumble Tunnel
Dickie Smabers – FC Den Haag

7 April 2021

Studio Interview on Stamp the Wax

An interview or ‘shoreless babbling’ about my new studio on Stamp the Wax by Rosie Cain, read it here

7 April 2021


The Legowelt ART COMPETITION 2021 is now officially closed, thanks everybody for sending in your artwork!!! We recieved a few hundred awesome entries from all over the world so it will take a week or so to go through them to anounce the winners! Keep an eye out here, in the meantime feel free to stroll around the website 🙂 Winners will be notifiied via email.

2 April 2021



Owyeahhhhh I am very excited to anounce the POLYEND TRACKER LEGOWELT EDITION! The Polyend Tracker is a full self contained hardware tracker sampler sequencer with MIDI from Poland. If you are not familiar with Trackers, they were software sequencers back in the 1990s on computers like the Commodore AMIGA and PC in which you can sequence samples on 4 to 8 channels. The most famous of these were OCTAMED and PROTRACKER, These trackers gave an unique groove and sound and played a vital role in the development and creation of certain music styles (Like oldschool Jungle, Gabber and Bunker sewertechno and electro for example).  This Polyend tracker can read .mod files and import & export wav. audio via SD cards and has lots of other bells and whistles! You can sequence MIDI and you can set everything to 12 or even 8 bit for extra crunchyness and punch! Also inlcuded are filters, wavetable & granular synthesis, an FM radio(!) . And it’s also super easy to use & FAST, especially if you are familiar with trackers, like me I didn’t even had to read the manual 😉

This special edition comes with an unique faceplate designed by myself. Also inside there are 5000+ sounds from my sample archive (1000+ new fresh specially designed ones for this tracker!), 26 project files with finished songs you can play and study, including preset loaded drumkits so you can jammmm instantly.

It comes in a limited edition of 300 pieces, you can pre-order the unit here. 
Also included is an LP (which will be send later this year) with some of my tracks made on the Polyend tracker.

Some sound bytes of what the tracker can do, all straight from the tracker itself:

31 March 2021


The deadline for entry for the Legowelt 2021 ART COMPETITION is coming near us. You got 5 days to submit your entry! You have until 5 APRIL (that means you can also send it in on that day I reckon). Check http://legowelt.org/art-competition/ how to enter and win one of the prizes like a Casio SK1 sampling keyboard, a Yamaha PSS390 FM synth and lots more!!! All you got to do is make some artwork (drawing, painting, computer, knittting, graffiti whatever) inspired by my musical world. Please send it in a decent quality, not some halflit vague blurry phone pic thats all in a weird angle. 

Here is a movie of me playing the 2nd prize, the Yamaha PSS390 FM synth through an Electro Harmonix Canyon delay/looper pedal:

Everyone can enter – You are always a WINNER!!!

27 March 2021


Dickie Smabers – Jammed From the Fist 2xLP

2x vinyl pack with 8 overeasy fat The Hague D&R mixer jams squeezed from the ‘fist’, made in an afternoon or 2. The tape deck heads were so non alligned the tracks almost started to chorus/flange/phase, barely holding things together… ‘Track themes’ span mostly The Hague related stuff like the disfunctional yet cult BABYLON shopping mall, Buying a second hand Akai X7000 in the posh upperclass Vogelwijk (our version of Hampstead), Obscure nightmarish dutch TV show Pompy the Robodoll and some other adventures from the life of Dickie Smabers!!!

Available now at your local record dealer!!!
Bleep (UK)   Hardwax (DE)    Clone (NL)    Rush Hour (NL)    Phonica (UK)   Jettset (Japan)

Digital/streaming versions at various platforms like Bandcamp etc.











22 March 2021


I was asked to ‘curate’ this compilation for the legendary Dutch U-TRAX records, a cool little freak label from the mid 1990s that released lots of out-there records from artists/bands like the Connection Machine, Fanon Flowers, P.A. Presents, Heinrich Tillack, Spasms, Sonar Bass and lots more. Its available on all platforms, also on cassettape/CD somehwere (soon?)
I also did the artwork for the cover and wrote the liner notes.

6 March 2021



I am super excited to anounce the 2021 Legowelt art competition!

Some of you might remember the last one 5 years ago in 2016, I got more then a hundred artworks from all around the world  You can check a few of those here. This year we are going to do a new one and you can win some supercool prizes!!! 

How can I enter???
Make some new fresh (visual) art inspired by my musical world, songs, albums, the website, videos, games, synths, the cyberzine anything you can think of. You can use anything you want – it can be painted, drawn, made on a computer, grafftied on a wall, collaged, embroidered etc.etc.etc.

Just make a pic/scan (of decent quality not some vague blurry underlighted 2005 phone photo) and send it to this email adressss:

 legoweltartcomp    @   gmail.com

The artpieces will be put in an ‘online museum’ on the legowelt.org website
You can add some info if you want, like were you located etc. and I will put it next to the artwork.

The date by which your entry should be send in is 5 April 2021

Everyone can enter – I will give an A for effort no matter what 😉



The coolest, nicest, most intriguing ones will win one of these prizes:



Signed vintage CASIO SK-1 sampler synth keyboard. An adorable Japanese lo-fi sampler  & additive synth from 1985 with cool functions such as looping, portamento and also sizzling minimalwavish electro drums! In the original box.



Signed vintage YAMAHA PSS390 FM synthesizer.  An ice cold yet snuggy sounding beauty this 1990 Japanese 2 operator FM synthesizer.  With sliders to easily program your own FM sounds. Perfect for dungeon synth or wild out of control jakbeat. In the original box.



Electro Acoustic Kalimba – as used on the Zandvoort & Uilenbal Folk Triumfator album. Play it as it is or plug it in a mixer with FX and create the most intense darkest sounds out of this fascinating instrument.



Smackie SM23 mysterious customized ultracrap keyboard of unknown origin with lofi industrial ‘voice processor’ including microphone.


5th Prizes:  Legowelt music pack (CD’s records.) + “You are just a sad hologram projected from the edge of the universe” T-Shirt  Postcards + sticker

6th Prizes: A Legowelt related Record + “You are just a sad hologram projected from the edge of the universe” T-Shirt, Postcards + sticker 

7th Prizes:  “You are just a sad hologram” T-Shirt + Postcards + sticker


And remember just entering the competition makes you already a WINNER for life!


2 March 2021

Out now:
vinyl edition

Out now another fresh vinyl version (due to unforeseen disturbances in timespace continuum they are always released at the same time *)…the 2020 Zandvoort & Uilenbal Folk Triumfator album!  Reissued by the cult Belgian WEME records. Get it at clone or any other good recordstore! Comes on 2xLP with full colour artwork sleeve with lyrics of spoken word on the back!

Check out the snips on bandcamp:

“Legowelt teams up with medieval music expert Jimi Helinga once again for a new album in their ‘para-academic’ Zandvoort & Uilenbal project. Folk Triumfator is the successor to the cult 2016 GERUIS UIT SOMBERDORP in which they return to appropriate historical instruments and mix it with ‘modern’synthesizers. We can hear a medieval Hurdy Gurdy, A Victorian Harmonium, a 1950’s Mixtur Trautonium, an electro acoustic thumb harp and much more, all mingled and amalgated into the unique Zandvoort & Uilenbal sound. It all crackles and squeaks like an old haunted ship drifting into a foggy sinister harbour while being obsvereed by Ligottian clown puppets. We can write how conceptual and arty this all is but let’s just say this is hardcore dark ambient with lots of medieval drone space jazz influences to trip your mind out into a region where time and your opinions cease to exist.”

*  the real reason the record plant in question is slow is because its clogged up pressing 50000 boomer diarea pink floyd prog rock albums for Wallmart no joke 

1 March 2021

New Studio Photo

The new studio on a misty Sunday morning sun, still needs some more plants and bric-a-brac. As some of you might know I moved the studio to a new place last month – the North Sea Institute of Overmind on the seaside has moved to a pleasant abode in the deep forest beyond the dunes. I probably think up a new name for the new studio soon. Besides that its business as usual. Among lots of other stuff we can see a Novation Summit, An Akai X7000, Novation Bassstation, a Sequential Prophet 2000, A Roland D50, A sequential Pro One, A Korg Mono/Poly, An Oberheim OB6 (under the dustcover), 19″ racks and a modular. Ok that’s it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzz.