Heyooo welcome to Legowelt.org!!!!! OUT NOW: an album I made with Japanese digital dub legend Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe called TASCAM SPACE SEASON check it out below!!!!!! *********** I updated the agenda...2 new Ambient Trip Commander animation screenings with live soundtrack in ROTTERDAM and PRISHTINA KOSOVO in july, also an ALCHEMULATOR fantasty adventure RPG noise drone live performance at OCCI in Amsterdam 23 July and a few festivals such as OZORA, DEKMANTEL, RE:FORM and gigs in New York, Wuppertal and Glasgow to mention a few! Ok thats it for today Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ************************************************************************************************


AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER, a feature animation film made by Danny Wolfers/ Legowelt will be premiered Saturday 7 May at the EYE film Museum Amsterdam. where it will be soundtracked live on synthesizers by Legowelt himself. Check out the trailer here:


AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER is the story of Samantha Tapferstern, a geeky young woman who lives a rather dull life in a medium-sized European city. She works a mundane job at a synthesizer store and spends her lonely evenings playing RPG games. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hackers group inviting her to Lonetal, a village secluded somewhere deep in the European Alps. As we follow her journey to Lonetal, things become more sinister and a grand mystery starts to unfold..

After the screening there will be a ‘post film talk’ with fellow filmakers/musicians Mila V (Mila van der Linden) and Palmbomen II (Kai Hugo)

Saturday 7 May 21:00 – 23:30 at the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam Holland
Order your Tickets here

If you are a promoter and are interested in booking a screening with live soundtrack by Legowelt please contact rene@octopus-agents.com or visit the folllowing website for more information: http://legowelt.org/ambient-trip-commander/

Some screenshots:


23 March 2022

Legowelt in Paris this weekend!

Saturday 26 March – Machine de Moulin Rouge PARIS – Legowelt DJ set with Courtesy, DJ City and Venus Club. More info and tickets here!

The berlin gig at ELSE is not 27 march as said before but 3 april!

15 March 2022

Legowelt Les Yeux Orange DJ Mix

I did a DJ mix for the French Les Yeux Orange mix series, lots of unreleased upcoming stuff from the vault 🙂


Cindy – Maybe Because It’s Over Now (World of Paint)
Noda & Wolfers – Tascam Space Season (upcoming on Nightwind Records)
Hermit in a Rave Cave – Cassiopeia Theme (upcoming on Clone)
Legowelt – From a Dusty Mono/Poly
DJ Overdose – Upcoming on L.I.E.S
Kuldaboli – Líkurnar reiknaðar út – Stilleben Records 059
El Barrio – Across The 110th Legowelt Remix
Hermit in a Rave Cave – Whisking a Dream with Satans Trident (Clone)
Hieroglyphic Being – If Stop Asking me 2 Borrow Money had a Theme Track
Legowelt – Unreleased 707 track

Jordan GCZ – Terrace House Love
Stubborn Heart – Against the Tide (Legowelt Remix)
Hermit in a Rave Cave – Central Meekness
Terrence Dixon – Beautiful Jerusalem (Rush Hour)
Tommy 2000 – Opal (Unknown to the Uknown Dance Trax)
Tag & Wandrach – Zussamenkunft Legowelt Remix
Hermit in a Rave Cave – The Space Gamer (Clone)

14 March 2021

19 March Legowelt in Tivoli de Helling Utrecht

This Saturday 19 March Legowelt DJ set at Tivoli de Helling Utrecht Holland supporting the live sets from the legendary CEEPHAX ACID CREW and COSMIC FORCE – also 030303 DJs! See You There!

Tickets and info here SOLD OUT

10 March 2022

Legowelt live at TRIX theatre Antwerp Belgium


See Legowelt live at the Trix Theatre antwerpen Belgium this Friday 11 March! With OR:LA , Redray and Mills Boogie playing too 🙂

Tickets and more info here

Monday 28 February
Updated Wednesday 2 March



We raised 4300 euros which has
been transferred to the
Ukrainian Refugee Fund today.

Thank you all that supported this

Stand With Ukraine !!!

I decided to sell some of my new paintings, all the $$$ made will go to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis support (Stichting Vluchteling Giro 999) or if you have a prefered charity for this crisis you want your $$$ to go to let me know in the email and I will make sure it gets there.

The paintings come in a wooden frame and if applicable with passe-partout. Signed on the back (or if you wish on the painting itself). Looks like this:

Let me know which painting you are interested in and I will give the price and info, email:
info (AT) legowelt . org

SOLD ‘On the Edge of Forever I’ 2021, 30×40 cm with frame: 40×50 cm  SOLD


SOLD ‘Synthetische Stad I’ 2021, 30×40 cm with frame: 40×50 cm  SOLD


SOLD ‘The Watcher’ 2021, 30×40 cm with frame 40×50 cm SOLD


SOLD ‘Computer Droom I’ 2021 30×40 cm with frame 40×50 cm SOLD


SOLD ‘Lobby of the Hotel Dauphine’ 2021 30×40 cm with frame 40×50 cm  SOLD


SOLD ‘The Forces of Disorder’ 2021 36×48 cm, with frame = 40×50 cm SOLD


SOLD ‘Coastal Municipality III’ 2021 30×40 cm, with frame = 40×50 cm SOLD


SOLD ‘Coastal Municipality II’ 2021  30×40 cmm with  frame = 40×50 cm cm SOLD


SOLD ‘Coastal Municipality I’ 2021 30×40 cm, with frame = 40×50cm SOLD


SOLDLARPers inside Białowieża Forest’ 2021 SOLD


23 February 2022

Legowelt in Amsterdam this Saturday

This Saturday 26 February Legowelt in Amsterdam at LO-FI with Gesloten Cirkel, Identified Patient, Mary Lake, Parrish Smit and Jasmin! Starts at 14:00 already. Basisweg 63 near station Sloterdijk Tickets here!

Announcement from the organizers:

“Ukraine, a place with strong ties to the international club community. It is unreal that while we are opening up our scene, Ukraine is facing a time of oppression and disaster.

Following this terrible news, we as Lofi, @slapfunkrecords and @vbx.nu have decided to donate the profits of this opening weekend to the people of Ukraine. As the situation is still unfolding we will discuss with our colleagues and friends in Ukraine in the coming weeks where the donation will be most needed”


17 February 2022


Finally here is that tracklist for the New Haven WHNU 88.7 GM Neu/Body show from December as promised…

Ceephax Acid Crew – Bureau de Rave Box Steady
Hermit in a Rave Cave – Shores of Wonder
Troth – Komodo
Mutant Beat Dance – Piano Monologue (skit)
Arnold Steiner – In the End
Dim Garden – Visions of Love
Delroy Edwards – Don’t Ya Know
Martin Matiske – Computer Love
Crash Course in Science – Cardboard Lamb
Luke Eargoggle
Model 500 – No UFO Moodymann remix
VCS 2600 – Chinese Sector
Polarius – Octamed Glory
Earth to Mickey – Brace & Bit
DJ Richard – Casca’s Theme
SM Nurse – Mort Automatique
Datamagi – The World Won’t Listen

Erik Travis – Legends
AUX 88 – Don’t bite my Beats
Anthony Rother -Man of the Future
Elecktroids – Remote Control Hornet
Comtron – The Joke is on You

4 February 2022


Nightwind Records NW032

Heyooo excited to anounce that my new SMACKOS – FABLES FROM A SILENT WAVE album is out now! As usual lots of raw melodic synth compositions for your deep listening hobbies.

I went for a bit of a “mid century weird tales Clipper Flying boat LA science Fiction fanclub” vibe with this one as I was reading a lot of that stuff. Synthwise its all over the place, ofcourse ‘Supernova Cherry Dessert’ is nothing but the Novation Supernova pushing its 12 DSP succulent dripping filter to the max. Also heavy use of the Waldorf Pulse 2 & Blofeld (like on Fluttering into a Pulse storm) There is some JV2080 in there too. “Where the endless minds go” = just one loop on the Roland boutique mini JP08 you can hear the notes cut off sometimes because it can’t cope with too much polyphony and the hands on control gets a bit mucky due do its microscopically sized faders ah well…. “La chaleur sombre d’un S900” which is something like the Dark brooding warmth of the S900 is just that, all sounds sampled into the lower kHz rates of an AKAI S900 for those mesmerizing undusted digital artefacts. The artwork is a painting I made called ‘The golden age of Flying boats’.


Catalogue number = NIGHTWIND RECORDS NW032. Get it at the Legowelt bandcamp! 


30 December 2021


Yesss here we go : – ) The latest issue of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine!!! 
Oldschool haxor electronic music freakscene ASCII e-zine full of controversial articles, interviews, DIY & Studio tips, music reviews. poems, letters, ASCII art and all kinds of other stuff.

You should really read it on a computer/desktop/laptop browser.. This will not really work on a phone and probably pad…?it will look all jumbled up – i dunno i have never used a pad in my life.

Read it HERE (BROWSER version)

plain TXT version

Like last year the zine comes with a ‘covertape’ compilation with featured and other cool artists. This is free/pay what you want and can be downloaded at the Legowelt bandcamp: 


The download includes the zine in .txt version