Heyyyy supsup welcome to legowelt.org - a free haven for all freaks - floating around in a bubble of cyberspace minding its own business since 1998 **** I made fresh new DJ mix for the French TRAX Magazine check it out below including the tracklist! *********** Coming soon (Early September) Legowelt's OMNIBUS BABYLON EP on Clone records - more info soon about this! ****** The Moonland festival in Estonia this coming saturday where I was going to play with IF and Ron Morelli and lots more has been cancelled so I won't be playing there unfortunately, too bad it looked like a really cool location ******** Other gigs coming soon -> Corsica - Groningen - Rotterdam - Den Bosch - New York - Sustain Release Festival Monticelli Upstate New York - Katowicze - Belfast and lots more!!! Check out the agenda section for more information ****** Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzz !!!!!! ********

11 August 2018

Rotterdam & Groningen this weekend!

This Saturday I DJ with David Vunk and more at the Blijdorp festival in Rotterdam – Sunday I travel to Groningen for the PARADIGM festival with Intergalactic Gary and lots more!!! See you there!

9 August 2018

XLR8R Artist Tips

The American XLR8R magazine asked me for some studio production tips, check it out here + some casual snapshots from the parlor studio room and a drawing from me.

30 July 2018

*** Trax Magazine DJ Mix ***

A fresh new DJ Mix for the French TRAX Magazine


Amiga A-Train music – Printemps
Babsy Dixon – Rumours
Beard in Dust – Flowers
Derrick Morgan – Since I Found You Dub
Ron Morelli – Laugh Taker
Rick Wilhite – Good Kiss
Rex Rabanye – O Nketsang
Levantis – Pieces
Tribe Of Colin – Fruits Of Zion
Andras – After The Rain
Palmbomen II – Pyrotechnomarco
Dr.C.Stein – Deutschland Rundfahrt
Drvg Cvltvre – Running In Front Of Cars
Violent Quand On Aime – Seduce & Destroy
Unit Blackflight – Shortwave Antenna Down (Antoni Maovvvi Remix)
French Touch 2 – What Would You Change
K Hands – Feel
Hieroglyphic Being – The Language Of Strings
Animistic Beliefs – Thalassic Alarm (Linh’s Hymn)
LD Fantasy Tracks – Before
Ray Escortienda – Time Waits For No Man
Tapps – Forbidden Lover
AUX 88 – The Flight
PetShop Boys – Rent Tape
Upsammy – Another World

25 July 2018

Earthbound Track

Some background music for this painting (or some foreground art for this music) maybe on Nightwind records later this year

25 July 2018

Legowelt in Geneva

This Saturday 28 July Legowelt MOTEL CAMPO Geneva Switzerland – more info here

21 July 2018

Earthbound Painting

A new painting I made this week called ‘Earthbound’

19 july 2018

Legowelt innchen

This Saturday 21st of July I play live in Munchen at the Rote Sonne – part of the 13th anniversary festival weekender of this club! More info and tickets here

13 July 2018

Svolvaer on the catwalk

My track Svolvaer (From the Dark Days LP) was used in Iris Van Herpens ‘Syntopia’ – presenting her other-worldly new fall 2018 collection in Paris. I wouldn’t thought of this when I made this track 23 years ago on an korg MS20 and Roland MKS100 sampler on a rainy day in my parents attic 🙂

9 July 2018

Star Shepherd Painting

Check out this new painting called “The Star Shepherd guiding his flock through Palm Springs”. Probably artwork for a future Nightwind Records release. Click on the picture to hear some more sounds from the Star Shepherd Synthesizer – a dreamy ambient drone piece to explore what this synth is capable of. Don’t mind the Lo-fi crackle, hiss and artefacts – it is held together with tape and glue after all! First more pure tones from the Casio 403 are processed through the filters, delays, pitch shifters of the Star Shepherd, later the radio noise oscillator comes in and gets heavily processed by the synth to create sinister dark harmonic tones.

3 july 2018

Ron Morelli – Lowjack – Legowelt at the REX club Paris

This Saturday 7 July Ron Morelli, Lowjack and Legowelt at the legendary REX CLUB paris all nite long!!! -> more info and tickets here