Heyooo welcome to Legowelt.org!!!!! OUT NOW: an album I made with Japanese digital dub legend Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe called TASCAM SPACE SEASON check it out below!!!!!! *********** I updated the agenda...2 new Ambient Trip Commander animation screenings with live soundtrack in ROTTERDAM and PRISHTINA KOSOVO in july, also an ALCHEMULATOR fantasty adventure RPG noise drone live performance at OCCI in Amsterdam 23 July and a few festivals such as OZORA, DEKMANTEL, RE:FORM and gigs in New York, Wuppertal and Glasgow to mention a few! Ok thats it for today Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ************************************************************************************************



Mystica Tribe & Legowelt present

Noda & Wolfers ‘Tascam Space Season’ album


Something special on Nightwind records: Last December I met up with Japansese digital dub legend Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe to produce this Far East style heavy digital dub album. Custom made lo-fi oozing echo effects transform synthesizers and drummachines into a comforting mist of arcane sludge, laced with Taka Noda’s enchanting melodica playing.

Available at the Legowelt bandcamp, check it out below!

Also a little ‘videoclip’ with an animation I made to hype it up:



14 June 2022

Legowelt in Bern Switzerland

Saturday 18th of June I will play in Bern Switzerland at Kapitel Bollwerk with Belia Winnewisser and more! tickets and info here, see you there!!!

13 June 2022

Scoring Ambient Trip Commander Film Documentary

Here is a little documentary /infomercial about me soundtracking my Ambient Trip Commander animation movie in my forest studio. Lots of synths for you to spot 😉
More information on this animation film here

9 June 2022

Legowelt in Oslo Norway

This Friday 10th June Legowelt, Ron Morelli and more in OSLO Norway at Jaeger!

Tickets and more info here!

6 June 2022

Exploring Dutch Electronic Music Studios

A little teaser trailer for a documentary about electronic music studios in The Netherlands including mine with an in depth look at how I make the soundtrack for my Ambient Trip Commander Animation film.  The full feature will be online soon!

23 May 2022


This coming Saturday 28th of May Legowelt live in LONDON at the FOLD club

Tickets available here

23 May 2022

Polarius – Inner Voices of A Clown EP

I got a new vinyl record out: POLARIUS – INNER VOICES FROM A CLOWN on the Belgian Altered Circuits records. No wishy washy meandering butwater preset career techno but Lo-FI sewer crowd control tools for the FREAKS. With hits like “I met my Boyfriend at a Plague Rave” , “Best Drugs in the Worlds” , “I shat my Yoga Pants” and “Octamed Glory” check it out and get it here or your local recordstore. Digital is coming later this year.

26 April 2022

Legowelt’s feature animation film


with live soundtrack

This Saturday is the premiere of my feature animation film titled AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER. Check out the 2nd trailer above. The premiere is Saturday 7 may 21:00 at the Eye film institute/museum in Amsterdam with a live soundtrack on synths performed by me

Get your tickets here

AMBIENT TRIP COMMANDER is a 70 minute animation film hand drawn in watercolors, telling the story of Samantha Tapferstern, a geeky young woman who lives a rather dull life in a medium-sized European city. She works a mundane job at a synthesizer store and spends her lonely evenings playing RPG games. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hackers group inviting her to Lonetal, a village secluded somewhere deep in the European Alps. As we follow her journey to Lonetal, things become more sinister and a grand mystery starts to unfold…

More info on this animation here

5 April 2022


A repress re-issue of Legowelt’s 3xLP vinyl Dark Days album is available now on The Hague’s BAKK records!!!

Get it at CLONE , BLEEP the BAKK bandcamp or your local dealer



29 March

Legowelt in Białystok and Berlin this weekend


I will be playing in the following places this coming weekend:

Saturday 2 April FOMO CLUB Białystok Poland
Info here (FB page)

Sunday 3 April ELSE Berlin Germany 
ELSE opening weekend day 3
With Anthony Rother, Privacy and more! Tickets here