Welcome to Legowelt.org!!! Running in a dusty corner of cyberspace since 1998 ******** This week I will travel to my beloved AUSTRALIA for a little tour! I will be playing in BRISBANE - SYDNEY - CANBERRA and MELBOURNE at various clubs and festivals - check below for more information soon! ****** The new GLADIO - MEANS TO FREEDOM album on LIES should be arriving in the european record shops this week (and most probably Japan and Australia etc. too) - its already out a week or so and available in the US but it takes some time to arrive in other parts of the world! If you haven't heard it yet check out the snippets below somewhere! ********** As you might already know, some of my paintings are for sale - I also sell high quality museum grade art prints of some of the paintings check out the gallery section for more info how to contact my gallery for inquiries! **************** Ok thats it for today laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz **************

18 June

Legowelt Australia Tour 2019

Travelling to Australia for 2 weeks to play a few shows! Come and check it out…I know this painting doesn’t look very australian but it fits the touring vibe sort off…..and isn’t it winter right now there!?

21 June SYDNEY -at Universal Sydney with DJ Stingray and Magda Bytnerowicz Tickets and info here

22 June CANBERRA at Sideway with Roy Batty JR & Cressy – info here

28 June BRISBANE at BYO Warehouse with Jennifer Loveless – Tickets and info here

29 June MELBOURNE at Francis street -> Legowelt presents GLADIO LIVE Tickets and info here

11 June

Acidhall version of Crime Stopper – Drugs Addiction

Live Legowelt Acidhall version of the amazing CRIME STOPPER – ‘Drugs Addiction’ track as played in the Shadow Wolf Radio show – original from 1992 still has that Jamaican GOLDEN digital era 1985 – 1988 sound! Heavy TB303 and TR707 – which is apart from a legendary Chicago house drummachine also THE defacto digital era dubdancehall / Acidhall machine.
Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along…

11 June

Madrid, Rotterdam & Amsterdam this weekend!

Hopping around from Spain to Holland at the end of the week, come and check it out if you are in the neighbourhood:

Thursday 13 June I will do a GLADIO live show at the Mondo Disko in Madridtickets and more info here!

Friday 14th June I fly back to Holland to play a Legowelt live show at one of the final BAR parties in Rotterdam…Clone Records will take over with SERGE, Animistic Beliefs and legendary DJ FETTBURGER – Sadly the club will close end of this month so no excuse to miss this legendary party!!! tickets and more info and tickets here!

Saturday 15th of June I will do a ‘Digital Era Dub/Acidhall’ DJ set with xtreme dubecho& the ZION AntiBabylon TR707 at the Raggatron party in BRET Amsterdam (despite the RAGGATRON name having a close proximity to the music style Reaggaton it has nothing to do with that – I (and the organization of these parties) hate reagaton and it was fun to see last year at the Scheveningen edition that some  larval specimens of human beings came to the show thinking it was such a party – instead they were tortured by heavy extreme DUB from the King Siloh soundsystem and my digital 707 ‘golden digi-dub era & ACIDHALL’ collection of tracks from Jamaica and London….resulting in them complaining to the managament ha!)
Tickets no ticekts needed the event is free! and more info here!

6 June

‘Rain Season II’

A new painting called Rain Season II – It is now possible to purchase the original works but also limited signed art giclée art prints  check out the gallery section!

6 June

Legowelt in England & Holland this weekend!

DJing in England and Holland this weekend!

7 June London XOYO tickets and info here

8 June  OHM Festival Delft tickets and info here

9 June Intergalactic FM Bleyenburg The Hague info here

See you there!!!

DRUID II THEME Cover on a JVC KB700 Keyboard Synth

I tried to attain a bit of Druid atmosphere deep in my back garden near an ancient monastry wall

In the realm of obscure early 80s keyboard synths we have attained a HOLY GRAIL. Many hifi brands had synth or keyboard ranges, Technics, Phillips, but also HIFI VHS videorecorder consortium JVC had a keyboard line…


The wonderment already begins with just looking at the machine. Creamy white, more buttons and blinking lights then you can handle, retro COMPUTER FONTS, stylishly embossed speakers -pure bliss for any synth keyboard dork

The most striking feature is this black plastic glass lid. Functioning as a sheet music stand once opened, it also gives you access to all kinds of buttons and parameters.

The wonderment doesn’t stop yet, words of a pure psychedelic poetic beauty grace this keyboard: FASCINATING CHORD  – MAGIC FOOT SELECTOR COMPUCORDER are but a few examples of word choices.

So it is definitely a LOOKER …Soundwise its Minimal wave bliss all the way…..with a snappy analog and funky build in rhythm box, the usual auto accomp-chord stuff, unstable yet characteristic neurotic strings, funky solo synths and not too bad pianos.

Check out this cover of David M. Hanlon’s “DRUID II – Enlightenment” theme played on the JVC…all sound are from there, with a littlebit of delay and I driven the mixer a bit hot to get an even more FAUL sound:

A bit more info on this music: David M.Hanlon composed the original in 1987 for the videogame soundtrack of DRUID II: Enlightenment on the Commodore 64 – It is considered a bonafide Commodore 64 music classic with its incredible minimalistic sad melancholic stirring melodies. check it out below:

Some more PIX:


The  JVC KB700 with its lid closed

26 May

Legowelt Live in Odessa

Saturday 1st of June Legowelt will play live in Odessa Ukraine for the very first time!  At Sub Unit PORT club – tickets and info here (FB link). Check out that cool flyer they drew 🙂

24 May

New Painting

‘A room by the Seaside, Circa 1994’ check my other paintings in the gallery section here

Next Friday 31st of May there will be an exhibition of my and other artist’s paintings at the Grey Space gallery – Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague. This is part of the ‘Uit Het Gareel’ event which is also part of the CRAVE Festival which will be happening that weekend.  It will open at 16:00 with an official ‘grand’ opening at 20:00 till 22:30 ish – after that there is a party with Animistic Beliefs & Sterk Water playing live and other artists DJing! Come and say hello!!!


23 May

Legowelt plays GLADIO live in Cologne Germany this Friday

This Friday 24 May I will play a GLADIO live show at the GEWöLBE in Köln!

The new GLADIO album ‘MEANS TO FREEDOM’ is out any moment on L.I.E.S. records, if you haven’t checked it out yet listen to the snipps here on SC or check a few posts down below:


More info here (FB link)! See You There!!!