Welcome to Legowelt.org running in a deep dark corner of cyberspace since 1998 ***** This Saturday 21st of October I will be scoring Werner Herzog's 1971 Fata Morgana movie live on synthesizer at the LAB 111 Cinema more info below! Next gig after that is 27th of October in Griesemuhle Berlin with Serge and lots of other freaks more info soon...some upcoming gigs the next coming months: Berlin - Los Angeles - Boston - New York - Paris - The Hague 25 years of Bunker records at the PIP - Edinburg, Seoul Korea and more !!! ******** As you might have seen below there will be a new Legowelt album on Clone Records called "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time" it should be out around the 30th of october and will come on 2x vinyl LP - There will be an instore release party at the Clone recordstore soon for this ******** If you have a Roland D05 or vintage D50 or D550 synth you can download 64 new sounds I programmed for free check it out below! ***** I've been working on some new sample packs as well but more info about that soon!!!! ******** SiDe bY SiDe wE RiDe AgAiNsT ThE HoRdEs Of EDM !!!!!!!! ********* Laterrrrrrrzzzzzzzz!!!!! ***************

Legowelt ‘artist’ patch bank for the Roland D05/D50

A free bank of 64 new fresh patches I programmed is available from the Roland website. For the Roland D05 boutique/D50/D550. Go here to download them if you have the Boutique D05.

If you want to use them on a ‘vintage’ D50 or D550 please download the SYX file – You can use MIDI-OX on a PC or Sysex Librarian on MAC to send the patches to your D50/550

Here is a list of the patches with descriptions:

UX-11 Moosley Rain
Rainy Smackos Northwest atmospheres, use the partial balance joystick for some moody dynamics

UX-12 Gauguin Island
Impressionist colours from distant pacific Islands

UX-13 Oracle Pasta
A soul warming harpsichord-like polysynth

UX-14 Soft Focus
Undemanding pleasant tones

UX-15 Sterre Sprinkles
Sprinkle some stardust on your music

UX-16 Astronomious
Astronomical pad bathing in luscious reverb

UX-17 New Age Amiga
A simple poly synth with digital artefacts that remind us of an old Amiga computer

UX-18 Zeppelin Sadness
Play sparsely and draw out its long sustain

UX-21 Dub Techno
Play chords and use the filter

UX-22 Speedlearn Arppegio
A short happy little synth patch perfect for arpeggiating

UX-23 Hyperborean Light
Instant ambient bliss

UX-24 Manhunter D50
A Fierce PWM string like synth

UX-25 Prophethood
A monophonic Detroit style mono synth, turn on portamento for full effect

UX-26 Snow Choco
Like a freezing chocopop

UX-27 Lelystad 1972
A simulation of a broken dutch transistor organ

UX28 Maximal Wave
A minimal wavish monophonic bass

UX31 Analog Wizardry
From the golden days of synthesis

UX32 Jazz Tapes
Soft smooth jazzy mellotron bliss

UX33 SHBass n JXsynth
A split sound, on the left hand a SH-esque old Roland mono synth, on the right hand a JX3P-esque synth

UX34 On Land
Eerie ambient string, deliberately soft in volume so when amplified the digital artefacts and characteristic noise floor are more noticeable

UX35 Isodor Quest
Harp like synthesiser

UX36 Forest Meadow
Hazy forest summer atmospheres

UX37 Arppegiate Me
Arpeggiator friendly sound

UX38 Time Porridge
When played reality becomes a droopy pudding

UX41 Moorland Ritual
Frogs in the swamp, use the aftertouch for some quaint filter effects

UX42 Ober Splendor
Mighty synth brass

UX43 Nitesnacks
Something for deep in the night

UX44 Dream Shampoo
Pure analog simpleness

UX45 Nova Scotia
Splashy poly synth sound

UX46 Valery Art
Complex ambient sound with digital artefacts

UX47 Seabert Banana
Majestic D50 affection

UX48 Arizona Rodezzzz
Smooth desert style electric piano

UX51 Mistral Drone
A medieval instrument, hold a drone with the left hand (particular D and G or A) and play a merry melody with the right hand

UX52 Sequenstra
Brassy, stringy somewhere in between a CS80 and Sixtrak

UX53 Zerfal Palace
A crappy Electric piano mixed with an even more crappier synth full with digital artefacts

UX54 Mist Lamps
Shadows and fog and a lonely street light

UX55 Vampos Suitcase
A dusty toy-ish keyboard piano synth

UX56 Grimorious
A Grimey synth bass

UX57 Key West
Try different velocities and be surprised

UX58 Sinister Noodle
The D50 plays random notes and atmospheres

UX61 Holographic Synth
Buzzy yet smooth

UX62 Detroit Techno Bass
Detroit style electro bass

UX63 Goldberg Bliss
Perfect for playing Bach

UX64 Artic Ambiance
Harmonic pad

UX65 Bassdrone
Raw monophonic bass

UX66 Huxley Planetarium
Frisky and devious with a surprise in its tail

UX67 SE02 Jazzfunk
a 3 oscillator 70s style jazz funk mono synth, use portamento for authenticity

UX68 LA Workspace
soundtrack style dreamy pad

UX71 Mood Atlas
Something you would program on an Oberheim 8 Voice

UX72 Sheep String
Wooly strings

UX73 Mohave Hamley
Eerie soundtrack stuff

UX74 Beauty Dome
More dreamy pad typical D50 splendour

UX75 Ideas of Spain
Hints of Rodrigo spanish guitar

UX76 Moon Picnic
Sri Fi Trekkie space pad

UX77 Strawberry Pie
A sound that dictates the playing style, soggy and wobbly like a strawberry pie

UX78 Feldman Space
influenced by Morton Feldmans compositions

UX81 Diabolo Rave
A rave stab

UX82 Nostromo Druid
A split sound, on the left hand a fat monophonic analog bass, on the right hand a dreamy FM like pad

UX83 Aegian Splendor
Brimming with Meditaranian light

UX84 Mangobass
A fruity polyphonic analog bass

UX85 Soul Cathedral
Metaphysical pad ambiance

UX86 Analog Pond
A pond with some ducks, they might take a dive if you press the aftertouch

UX87 The Nightwind
more pad ambiance

UX88 Lux Aeterna
Influenced by Ligeti’s music used in Kubricks 2001

Live Soundtrack For Herzog‘s Fata Morgana

Saturday 21 October at the LAB 111 Amsterdam during ADE – I will do a live soundtrack on synthesizers for Werner Herzog’s 1971 (actually 1969 to be precise ) FATA MORGANA.

“This is a profoundly pure piece of cinematic creation. Originally intended to be a science fiction film about an unrecognizable earth seen through the eyes of an alien character. Instead Herzog became fascinated by a strange illusion in the desert….the mirage..”

more info on the movie here

admission 12.50 euro tickets here and info on the event itself here

Legowelt live in Vienna & Frankfurt this weekend


Friday I will be playing at the Grelle Forelle in Vienna Austria, Saturday at the MTW club in Offenbach next to Frankfurt. See you there!!!

Everything You Always Wanted To Know about Legowelt But Were Afraid To Ask

I am doing a Q&A on the gearslutz forum, an extremely nerdy forum for producers, synth enthiousasts, gear trolls etc.etc.etc. Ask you question (production synth music related of course) till 14th October and I will try to answer it!

Legowelt in Sao Paulo Brazil this Saturday

This Saturday I return to the enchanting Brazil to play a liveset in Sao Paulo with DJ Bone Interstellar Funk Shanti Celeste Palmbomen Dekmantel soundsystem and many more…see u there!!! More info & tickets here

20 September

Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Coming soon!!! Five years after the illustrious Paranormal Soul LP, techno derelict Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt returns on Clone with ”Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time”. A vivid collection of twelve genre-defying tracks: from late-night hermit house to Memphis rap influenced slowjam electro, from Amiga 1200 technorave to cosmic spaceweed trance, including the whole universe in between. All blended together in a mix of subdued sensuality and psychedelic splendour, this album is flavoured with Legowelt’s typical crunchy LO-FI sampler and synthesizer aesthetic. Wolfers’ own hand-drawn sleeve artwork illustrates the album’s mood without the need for much further promotional blurb… colourful stories embodying societal malaise and its dwellers – yet with a dash of aspiration. Music for misfits, witches, dreamers, cyberpunks, outsiders, geeks, and freaks. Legowelt’s people.

releasedate 30 october-ish on 2xVinyl

fragmentary sound snippets:

My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed
Its midnite & You Are Lost
Northsea Wisdom
Axumesia V S612
Trips To Polarius
Revenge Of The Nerds
Computerized Paradise
Whatever Happened to Surfhouse?
Beyond The Mind Of Man
New Stories
Legendary Freaks in The Trash Of Time
La Guerre Aux Reves

pre-order at Clone records

18 september

Todays Art Festival 2017

The koninklijke schouwburg circa 1920

This Saturday 23 september I play at the Todays Art Festival 2017 – at the koninklijke schouwburg The Hague Holland. With Aleksi Perala – Laurel Halo – Marie Davidson – Inga Mauer – Ron Morelli + lots more…See you there!!!

Info & tickets here

12 September

Legowelt R.A. Sessions

A little Live performance recorded last month at the Resident Advisor office in London. Gear used: Roland JX3P, TR707, 2x Korg Electribe Samplers, Korg MicroSampler, Moog MF analog delay, Novation BassStation II.

9 september

Roland D50 Synthesizer 30th Birthday

In line with the corporate whore that I am, I had a lot of fun doing some work for the Japanese Roland coorporation – programming some fresh patches and featuring in an infomercial for the 30th Birthday of the legendary Roland D50 synthesizer and the introduction of the Roland Boutique D05 – a small boutique version of the Roland D50 – not be mistaken with the ROLAND D5 from 198something. Now where are the keys to my Mercedes?????

All kidding aside, here are some mp3 demos with some sounds I programmed on the D05 all 100% straight from the little box including the FX, running from the internal sequencer or arpeggiator or just played by my hands:

Jazz Tapes: With an almost mellotron like tape warmth

Dubby techno chords

Para Space Ambient

Space Konijn – Orb-esque digital riff

Amateur Space Jazz patch

(The above D05 patch is split on the keyboard, the higher part plays a monophonic portamento leadline, the lower a polyphonic pad string, each using 2 oscillators of the total 4)

Typical mellow Roland tones

Hitting all the sweet spots

Monophonic Knorrige Arpeggiator

6 september

Emotional Wealth is a Dream Video

Cool videoclip for the “Emotional Wealth Is A Dream” track that came out on the Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz album a couple of months ago. Directed by Alexander Falck.