Heyyyy sup welcome to Legowelt.org keeping the internet mysterious since 1998 ************ If you need some relaxation ASMR sleep sounds trip out sounds or turn your surroundings into a forest meadow check out the fieldrecording I made of one of my favorite forests here on the North Sea coast...check it out below ! *********** OUT NOW: my remix of Leonie Pernet's Auaati on infine records check the youtube below and were to get ******** I will update my agenda soon some cool gigs are in the pipeline -> a USA tour, Australia, Colombia, Moldavia & Transnistria, Poznan Poland, Berlin and lots more!!! more info on this soon ****** Other upcoming releases: STAR SIMULATOR II EP on Clone Records - Sammy Osmo 2xLP Schaduw Horizon re-issue on the London Utter records including full artwork - The Land Is Entranced with Peace Cassettetape on Nightwind records ************ 31st of May the Grey Space gallery in The Hague will do an exhibition of my paintings so if you are in the neighbourhood come and check it out - and maybe even buy one......The investment of a lifetime! ************ Ok thats it for today more news soon laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *********

18 March

An Amatoral Concept, Without Density

A new painting I made this weekend entitled ‘An Amatoral Concept, Without Density’ – a fictional new age composer in his abode – can you spot some of the gear!?!

9 March

Fieldrecording of a North Sea coast forest meadow


A psychoacoustic 8 hour edited field recording of a rainy spring day, may 2018 at a meadow in the ancient Zorgvliet forest between The Hague and Scheveningen, located on the North Sea coast. Pleasant rain showers, a clearing, swaying archaic trees, winds coming in from far lands and distant thunder…so fresh you will smell the forest dew!

For deep relaxation, falling asleep, hyperfocus, studying, tripping out, meditation, anti anxiety, anti-stress, anti-tinitus or turning your urban dwellings into a forest.

I made this as a kind of psychoacoustic experiment – Inspired by the likes of Irving Solomon ‘Irv’ Teibel  (https://www.irvteibel.com ). I often use field recordings of rain, forests, seashores etc. to fall asleep to, especially when sleep is difficult during tours etc. I wanted to make a sort of ‘sleep program’ in which the field recording goes through different phases ‘in sync’ with the ultradian sleep cycle (the different stages of the sleep cycle). Some of the parts are looped, faded in and out according to the different phases of the sleep cycle – A clearing comes after the rain, a light wind comes in, trees start to sway, distant thunder comes closer and the rain returns again – events that occur (very roughly) in time with your brain going into deeper sleep territories. This recording has also been enhanced discretely with theta-wave frequency modulation. Theta waves are brain waves that that neuro-oscillate around 4-7 Hz and are associated with mental relaxation and a positive feeling of well being. In short, this is achieved with a simple audioeffect rack in Ableton where I used some filters that slightly modulate certain parts of the  frequency spectrum with Theta wave frequencies – you won’t notice it but your unconscious brain will…….I guess in theory…I don’t know if it really works just try it…you might be overwhelmed by a wave of pleasant tranquillity.

Download the 8 hour MP3 here (827 Megabytez)

a very Blair Witchian scene at the meadow

The geographical coordinates for this fieldrecording area are aprox.52°05’23.8″N 4°17’18.1″E – 52.089953, 4.288367– Its a fantastic little forest –  with a heavy fairytale gnome vibe, the meadow even has a little old witch house that is used as a bee sanctuary.

can you see the witch house?

6 March

Animistic Beliefs & Legowelt tape release soirée in Amsterdam

This Thursday 7 March there will be a little release ‘soiree’ at Red Light records for the Animistic Beliefs Legowelt AudioSport 8 cassette/documentary thing. Starts at 19:00. With A live set of Anmistic Beliefs and also Me & Pasiphae DJing…See U There!
Oudekerksplein 26 Amsterdam More info on FB here

2 march

Legowelt Remix for Leonie Pernet’s Auaati

Out now!!! my remix for Leonie Pernet’s ‘Auaati’ featuring Hanaa Ouassim on vocals – on the French infine records- also with a very cool Acid Arab remix and the original song. Get it here or I am sure it will creep up in your local recordstore in the near future – or is it!? I am not sure if its digital only or also going to be on vinyl – let me check that and I will come back to this 😉

The lyrics translated into english from arabic:

At your side I tasted the sweetness of sweet days
All these nights in Paradise, I do not count them anymore
I can not think of you anymore


28 February

Shadow Wolf Radio Episode 2

The second episode of the Shadow Wolf Radio show was broadcasted on Intergalactic.fm on Thursday the 28th of February, if you missed it you can download the mp3 at hotmixes.net or listen here on sc:


Here is the playlist:

Twin Roots – Know Love
Inertia – The Screen
Napoleon Cherry – When You Had The Chance
Dynamik Bass System – On A Rainy Evening
Falckenhaus AKAI S900 loop & beats
Horace Andy – Curfew
Jorge Velez – Sudden Guests
Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars
Roy Garrett & Man Parrish – Hot Rod To Hell
Legowelt – Vamparch
Xarah Dion – Fugitive
Roy Garret & Man Parrish Poem
Japanese Telecom – Japanese Animation
Delroy Edwards – Do Do
The Orb – Assasin
Connection Machine – Echoes From Tau Ceti
Judith Tripp – Li Sun
Violent Quand On Aime – A Search Fi Marijuana
LNS – Herer

Post Industrial Noise – Eyes


28 February

Legowelt in London

This Saturday I return to London to play a live set in room 1 at the Fabric with Peggy Gou, Levon Vincent and more – tickets and info here 

20 February

Audiosport 8 – Animistic Beliefs & Legowelt collab tape & docu

Film makers Anna Bogomolova & Dammes kieft made a small documentary about the ‘Audio sport 8’ collaboration project me & Rotterdam based duo Animistic Beliefs did last year. The documentary shows the process of making a DIY cassette release, from its inception to the production of the tapes. Originally starting as a scene for their full length Stroboscopes & Smokemachines documentary it soon developed into this stand alone project.  Watch the documentairy below – get the actual cassettetape at CLONE (other stores will have them too later) – the digital version is available at my bandcamp page for whatever you want to pay for it!


11 February

Live score for  Herzog‘s Nosferatu at EYE Film Museum Amsterdam

This Friday I will be doing another live score for Werner Herzog’s 1979 NOSFERATU PHANTOM DER NACHT movie at the EYE film museum in Amsterdam – on lots of synths and FX. Tickets here

There will also be a little merchandise table with Legowelt/Nightwind related stuff such as posters, sweaters, longsleeves, t-shirts, tanktops, records, tapes, comics and all sorts of stuff…if you want some of that bring some cash money as I won’t have the means to accept bank or credit cards.

one of the instruments will be this behemot mxiturtrautonium-tritheremin-doepfer synth

8 February

Legowelt In Bristol England Tonite!

Tonite Legowelt live at Loko in the ancient catacombs of Bristol, England…seems like a cool Vaudeville Steampunk Dungeon master RPG place! Quite Peculiar is the abundance of mime artists pix on the venue’s website, I guess Bristol=BIG on mime. Tickets & info -> (& MIME pix) 

29 January

Legowelt in Rotterdam 1st of February

AFterpartying for the International Film Festival this Friday 1st of February -> I DJ at Perron Rotterdam with Afrobot and Dazion! Tickets and info here